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Among the wooden boat model lines, the container wooden model is the product line that also accounts for the majority of customers. Especially customers working in the field of maritime, seaport. Here, Gia Nhien will summarize and introduce to you the most beautiful famous container models and have the most impressive designs. Let’s consider and choose the display model you like best!

Wooden Train Model 1
Wooden Train Model 1
  1. Wooden Ship Model Model – Container Evergreen

Perhaps in the past year, the Evergreen wooden ship model is the best-selling model in Gia Nhien’s container line. Because this is an extremely famous real ship with an extremely high growth rate up to now, causing “shock” with a bonus of up to 40 months’ salary for employees.

However, besides that, the design of this model is extremely impressive with the main green color.

Evergreen is a commercial vessel belonging to Evergreen Marine Corporation, established on September 1, 1968. Initially, this business only operated with a cargo ship called the Central Trust and received shipping services anywhere. In 1969, this carrier added a second vessel and operated on Middle East routes. And Evergreen added more ships in the 1970s to service East Asia and Central America. By 1974, this carrier had added more ships, expanding its shipping route around the world.

In 1981, this shipping line changed its name to Evergreen International S.A. (EIS) and began to develop a 2-way round-the-world transportation service.

Container Evergreen
Container Evergreen

Link : https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/mo-hinh-thuyen-go-evergreen/

  1. Model One Container Ship Model Tk1401P

Container One TK1401P is a famous commercial ship owned by ONE shipping line (Ocean Network Express Pte.Ltd). This is a shipping line launched on 7/7/2017, headquartered at 7 Straits View, #16-01 Marina One East Tower, Singapore.

True to its name, ONE shipping line means the merger of 3 shipping lines:

+ Nippon Yusen Kaisa (NYK – 38% share),

+ Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd (K-Line – 31% share) +Mitsui O.S.K.Line (MOL – 31% share).

In addition, these 3 shipping lines also cooperated to become an alliance with the name “The Alliance”.

The shipping services of the container ship ONE officially operated from April 2018, expanding the headquarters in Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, USA, Brazil.

The impressive feature of the ONE wooden ship model is that the main body is painted in bright pink, inspired by the cherry blossom – the flower is considered the symbol of Japan.

Container One Tk1401p
Container One Tk1401p

Link : https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/thuyen-buom-go-mo-hinh-one-apus/

  1. Wood Ship Model Vietsun Fortuner

Vietsun Vietnam shipping company is the owner of the wooden ship Vietun Fortuner. Vietsun ship is owned by Nhat Viet Joint Stock Company, established in 2004 and specializes in maritime transportation. This is Vietnam’s first container ship operating freight services along the South – North – Central route and vice versa. This ship is also considered a pride of the Vietnamese when it has a tonnage of 7,000 – 8,015 tons.

The design of the commercial ship Vietsun is no less spectacular than the current international commercial ships. The main red color painted on the hull is also a plus when displaying this wooden ship model in your home space, it symbolizes fortune and luck.

Vietsun Fortuner
Vietsun Fortuner

Link : https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/vietsun-fotuner/

  1. Wooden Ship Model – Container Hapag Lloyd

Container Hapag LLoyd is the world’s 5th largest commercial ship in the field of maritime shipping, after Marsk, MSC, COSCO, CMA CGM.

The ship is owned by the Hamburg American Line. This ship Hnagx made a big splash in 1912 when it brought the “Big Three” fleet into operation in the international maritime market.

Container ships of the Hapag LLoyd brand often impress with their huge tonnage of up to 50,000 tons.

The design of the Hapag LLoyd wooden ship model is very beautiful, the hull is elongated and compact, the colors are harmonious, a bit classic.

Container Hapag Lloyd
Container Hapag Lloyd

Link : https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/hapag-lloyd-hamburg-express-container-ship/

  1. Emma Maersk Container Model

The Emma Maersk is the world’s largest commercial ocean freighter. The name of this ship is named after the late wife of the owner of the corporation.

The ship Emma Maersk was put into operation in 2006, with a length of 397.71m, a width of 56.4m and a height of 100m. The capacity of this ship can hold up to 11,000 containers. Currently, this ship is still operating very actively with extremely high growth rate.

Container Emma Maersk
Container Emma Maersk

Link : https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/tau-thuyen-mo-hinh-bang-go-emma-maersk/

  1. Wooden Ship Model – CMA CGM

When it comes to CMA CGM, many people must know it because it is one of the largest container shipping lines in the world.

The container ship CMA CGM belongs to the British shipping line, once held the position of the largest commercial ship in the world in 2012.

The design of CMA CGM has the main dark blue color, but this color has helped the CMA CGM wooden ship model sell very well in recent times. Perhaps because this is a leisurely color, it is quite suitable for the preferences of the majority of male customers who love to collect models.

Cma Cgm
Cma Cgm

Link : https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/thuyen-buom-go-mo-hinh-cma-cgm-marco-polo/

  1. Container Model Oocl Germary

OOCL Germary is the largest shipping company in Hong Kong, established in 1947, with global reach. Currently, OOCL shipping line has opened offices in 70 countries around the world. The abbreviation of this shipping line is OOCL, which stands for Orient Overseas Line.

By 1969, this was the first shipping line in Asia that could operate trans-Pacific freight.


Link : https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/mo-hinh-thuyen-go-oocl-germany/

Above are 7 models of wooden ship models belonging to the most popular container model classification in Vietnam. In addition, customers can also refer to many other container models at Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh, HCMC.

In addition, customers can refer to the model wooden boats through the online consultation form.

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