Step 1: Receive complaints

All customer complaints related to the use of products and services will be received by the company through channels: support/customer care phone numbers, texts, emails, etc.


Step 2: Complaint analysis

– For complaints directly or by phone that have enough information to be resolved immediately, the customer care department immediately responds to customers upon request.

– For complaints that do not have enough information or cannot be resolved immediately, report back to the customer and ask for information to exchange and work.

– Check the list of customers and related information, coordinate with relevant departments to find out the cause and follow up, and work with customers to get more information about complaints to coordinate with other departments to handle .


Step 3: Identify the cause and resolve the complaint

– The complaint settlement department coordinates with other relevant departments to determine the cause of the complaint

– Proposing the highest level to come up with a solution.

Step 4: Answer and resolve customer complaints

– Direct reply, email, customer support channel

– Respond in writing to the complainant about the complaint settlement results. In case the complaint is resolved as soon as the service user directly comes to complain and reach an agreement of the two parties, the department in charge does not need to issue a complaint receipt form, but must make a record of the results. resolved and kept on file.

– Send relevant departments to fix problems that arise complaints