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Model wooden boats are classified as high-class furniture. And this is a feng shui decoration that is meant to attract luck and fortune when displayed. Therefore, the selection of a model wooden boat to decorate the house, office, or as a gift must be very careful. Therefore, if you have the conditions to live or work in the Ho Chi Minh City area, please visit Gia Nhien showroom directly – the first official and professional Wooden Boat Model shop in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Wooden Boat In Hcm
Wooden Boat In Hcm

Showroom of Gia Nhien Model Wooden Boats in Ho Chi Minh City – Satisfying the Ultimate Demand for Quality

Gia Nhien Showroom is a shop selling High-class Wooden Boat Models under the management of Gia Nhien Co., Ltd. This is a company specializing in the production, export and retail of Wooden Boat Models domestically and internationally.

Gia Nhien Wooden Boat Model products are 100% handmade at the orthodox Wooden Model Boat workshop in Ho Nai craft village (Dong Nai). With a factory scale of more than 1,000m2, Gia Nhien achieves the capacity of manually manufacturing tens of thousands of model ships each year to bring to customers around the world.

Gia Nhien Wooden Boat Model brand has gradually become familiar to the boat model market after having devoted nearly 20 years in Vietnam to the development of traditional Vietnamese carpentry, and creating pride for international friends when producing high quality model products that meet export standards.

Up to now, Gia Nhien wooden boat model products have been present in hundreds of countries, typically: Vietnam, USA, France, Germany, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, China, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. Gia Nhien is ready to meet customers’ demand for ordering wooden boat models, whether with large or small orders.

Cua Hang Ban Thuyen Buom Go Showroom Gia Nhien Tp Hcm 14
Cua Hang Ban Thuyen Buom Go Showroom Gia Nhien Tp Hcm 14

Why Choose Gia Nhien Showroom To Buy Model Wooden Boats In Ho Chi Minh City?

Indeed, there are many compelling reasons for you to choose Gia Nhien Showroom when you need to buy Model Wooden Boats in Ho Chi Minh City. Specifically for the following main reasons:

Convenient Geographical Location

+ Gia Nhien Showroom is located at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC. This is a very convenient central location for connecting customers in districts in the city with only a few tens of minutes to move. Instead of choosing to buy online, it is difficult to standardize the size, design, and color of products, customers can visit Gia Nhien showroom directly to observe, evaluate and choose the most satisfactory sailing model. .

The Most Modern And Formal Showroom Model

+ This is the first professional and methodically built wooden model boat showroom in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and in Vietnam in general. Entering the showroom, you will feel the luxurious decoration space with the main gold tone.

+ The lighting system creates a yellow light stream to help you easily observe the model details in the most thorough way.

+ Products are placed on shelves, helping customers easily visualize the layout of the model in their premises.

+ Cool showroom space, beautiful view, this is also an ideal check-in place when customers come to visit, take souvenir photos.

+ Showroom displays a variety of products, up to 1,000 models with multi-size. The assortment of models at the showroom is full of sailboats, antique boats, yachts, commercial boats, war boats, picture boats, boats in bottles, …

+ Besides, the showroom also offers other wooden products such as wooden clocks, wooden statues, wooden badges, wooden motorcycle models, wooden car models, lucky-life-life statue models, etc.

Is a Genuine Showroom With Prestigious Brand

The model wooden boat products in the city of Gia Nhien showroom are completely handmade wooden boat models with artisans of Ho Nai craft village under the production organization of Gia Nhien Co., Ltd. Therefore, you can rest assured that the products displayed here are all genuine products of Gia Nhien brand, manufactured and distributed by Gia Nhien company.

The advantages when you buy genuine products are:

+ 100% peace of mind about the quality and accuracy of the design. Gia Nhien uses good types of wood to produce models such as: cedar, cedar, melaleuca, etc., ensuring against termites and warping.

+ When buying products with big brands, the product will always keep its value. In case customers want to transfer, exchange and exchange products of Gia Nhien wooden boat models, they will not be “depreciated”.

+ The price of genuine products is usually listed, ensuring the right price, commensurate with product quality.

+ Gia Nhien also has extremely attractive policies for customers when buying model wooden boats in Ho Chi Minh City such as: warranty, exchange, incentives, … According to the company’s policy.

The Best Sales Policies of Gia Nhien Wooden Boat Showroom

The management board of Gia Nhien showroom has come up with many policies to “satisfy customers”, ensuring satisfaction for you such as:

+ Free boat flags for guests when buying wooden boat models (if guests need to get more flags).

+ Design greeting cards and package as gifts according to customers’ wishes.

+ Support customers to print logos/slogans on boats (usually for businesses, companies, personal brands).

+ Support customers to build multi-size glass cabinets to display model wooden boats in Ho Chi Minh City.

+ Receive and order model wooden boats according to the customer’s own design.

+ 6 months warranty if there are product defects according to the company’s policy.

+ Allow customers to return if the product has a manufacturing defect.

+ Discount % according to each preferential program of Gia Nhien showroom on holidays, Tet, anniversaries,

+ Comes with a small boat model with high value orders.

Opening Hours of Gia Nhien Wooden Boat Showroom

+ Opening time: 8:00 – 17:00 from Monday to Friday.

If customers want to visit the wooden boat showroom outside the above time frame, they can contact the hotline so that the staff can arrange the opening schedule to receive customers in the most thoughtful way.

+ Customers visiting the showroom do not have to pay parking fees.

How to Visit Gia Nhien Wooden Boat Showroom Through Showroom Model 3D

Cua Hang Ban Thuyen Buom Go Showroom Gia Nhien Tp Hcm 3
Cua Hang Ban Thuyen Buom Go Showroom Gia Nhien Tp Hcm 3

For customers who are not near the Ho Chi Minh City area, and are not convenient to visit the showroom to visit directly, it is still possible to admire the Gia Nhien showroom space through the 3D showroom model.

The image of the 3D showroom is completely the actual image of the Gia Nhien showroom captured and reduced to a 3D model. Therefore, when experiencing Gia Nhien 3D showroom, customers will feel like they are stepping into the actual showroom space.

To visit Gia Nhien 3D wooden boat showroom, simply click on the following link:

Then drag the mouse to follow the arrow mark that appears on the screen!

Wish you have a happy experience at Gia Gia wooden boat showroom in Ho Chi Minh City and choose the best quality – aesthetic – luxurious wooden boat models!

Don’t forget if you have any questions, please contact Gia Nhien via the hotline. The consultant will answer your questions as soon as possible!

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