About us




Over 70 years of establishment and development, manufacturing wooden model boats has become a traditional profession of the Vietnamese craft village. Inheriting the achievements of the predecessors, on May 14, 2004, Gia Nhien Co., Ltd. was officially one of the next generations, with the hope of bringing the wooden model boats closer and closer to the Vietnameses, with international friends and contributing to glorifying a traditional craft village of the nation. 

With a carpentry factory of more than 1,000 m2 in Trang Bom – Dong Nai province, this is the place to put the first foundation for the 17-year journey of operation and development of the professional wooden boat model manufacturing. At here, Gia Nhien gathers a team of skilled artisans with high precision and meticulousness. The skilled and rich experienced hands of the “artisans” are the “father” of models of high-end, valuable and meeting international export standards that machines have not yet been able to achieve.


In 2004, Gia Nhien Co., Ltd opened an office in Ho Chi Minh City, and the current head office location is 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC. Together with the showroom displaying luxurious models, our company has been much more convenient in serving and welcoming domestic and international customers.

We are proud to be the “first generation” members in the inheriting the profession of craft wooden model boat manufacturing and are the lucky ones who possess original knowledge about it. Our company strives to become one of the leading exporters of handicrafts of wooden sailboat models in Vietnam.


Model boats are produced to simulate 99% of real boats. With a variety of designs such as: tall ships, traditional ships, modern yachts, class speed boats, battle ships, commercial ships, etc. With each high-class wooden model boat that Gia Nhien produces, we would like to send you the following meanings: 

  • The design is beautiful, sharp, meticulous and as diverse as possible, contributing to increasing the aesthetics of the exhibition space.
  • As a high-class interior decoration product, of great value, worthy, showing the class of merchants, elites and successful businessman.
  • Sailboat model is a gift with great feng shui meaning, because the sailboat is the symbol of “smooth sailing”, helping its owner to always be convenient and smooth in work and life. It’s similar to a boat that is always strong to face the waves and successfully docks.


The process of building each model is meticulously researched by Gia Nhien such as: drawing up, choosing wood, sawing wood, shaping, creating frames, boat form bones, grinding the hull, painting for protection and decoration, joining spokes, grinding to shape the boat, joining the deck, making small details on the deck such as:  seats, stairs, lifeboats, sailing ropes, sails… The motifs on the ship are hand-carved and hand-molded with the precision to the millimeter by artisans, through rigorous testing for accuracy, before being assembled into the boat’s frame.

We always uphold the quality, taking this as the first principle when making products to make a difference, bringing the wooden model boat into a valuable decorative item, showing class, honor, and what pride it will be for its owner.

When finished, each model is cherished and carefully stored on each wooden shelf. And it is closed with a wooden frame to ensure that the original state of the model is preserved from the time it is shipped to the time it reaches the customer.

At present, our wooden model boats are becoming more and more sophisticated, many customers have asked us to install on the boat an underwater operating system like a real boat, along with features of “personalization” such as name, logo, slogan… Gia Nhien always has the capacity and fulfills the requirements of customers in the most thorough and complete way.


Gia Nhien wishes to become the leading symbol of trust in Vietnam and in the international market for high quality interior decoration wooden model boat products. Continuing to maintain and develop professionally the craft of manufacturing wooden model boats, bringing these models to become items of good luck to the international market, contributing to the glory of Vietnam in the eyes of international friends


Gia Nhien is committed to providing customers the wooden model boats with high quality, sharp, beautiful and meticulous to every detail. The product will show the value, class, style and personality of the owner.

In addition, Gia Nhien also set a mission to foster the capacity and improve the skills of wooden model boat makers to continue and expand this traditional profession.


All activities of Gia Nhien take the trust and satisfaction of customers as the focus. At the same time, creating stable jobs for the collective of employees.

We operate and develop based on the following core values:

+ Integrity: integrity, honesty in all transactions.

+ Respect: yourself, colleagues, partners, customers.

+ Fairness: with employees, with customers, with partners and stakeholders.

+ Ethics: respect for established standards and practices based on ethical principles.

+ Compliance: comply with laws, regulations of the state and international law. Ensure compliance with company policies and regulations.


See customers as the center and always try to meet all customer requirements. We believe professional service will be the bridge to reach as many customers, turn target customers into customers and loyal customers.