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Are you looking for a beautiful and delicate wooden boat model to decorate your desk, attract feng shui for a smooth working year? Then definitely don’t ignore the Gia Nhien branded wooden tabletop models introduced right in this article. Surely these models will meet all the criteria of luxury – beauty – sharpness!

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The Best Model of Wooden Boat for Work

The Most Suitable Small Wooden Boat Model Models When Decorating the Desk

Desks are often designed with many different sizes, but the most common type of desk is the one with a length of 0.8 – 1.6m. Therefore, when choosing a wooden boat model to display a desk, you should choose compact wooden boat models with a length of about 10-20cm, a height of 10-25cm to save space for other items. , avoid causing entanglement or blocking vision when working.

Today Gia Nhien would like to introduce to you 3 types of small wooden boat models that are suitable for decorating the desk, meeting the size requirements. Includes the following types:

1.Mini Sailboat Model

Initially, Gia Nhien Showroom often designed and produced wooden boat models with a length of 40cm or more, these are models that often have to be placed on separate shelves, suitable for large and open spaces.

However, more and more customers have a need to display sailboats on their personal desks to pray for fortune for work, as well as appreciate the aesthetic value of this decorative item. So we have designed and manufactured miniature models with similar designs but with sizes suitable for the surface of the desk. And from there the mini sailboat model appeared and gradually became popular.

Features of the mini sailboats:

+ Sizes range from 10cm, with a variety of model lengths such as: 10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm, 22cm…

+ Design with full details and accurately simulate real boat details.

+ Made from good quality wood and 100% handmade.

+ There are a variety of models of modern sailboats and boats, container ships to meet the diverse needs of customers.


+ Although small, the sharpness and neatness of the model is still guaranteed, respecting the original version.

  1. Boat Model In Lights

Models of boats in lights are wooden boats that are encased in a transparent round bulb (traditional filament bulb). The boat product in Gia Nhien’s lamp has a length of about 10cm, a height of about 8cm, and is designed with an accompanying stand to support the boat.

The meaning of the light boat is quite abstract when it has a combination of the light bulb and the boat, in which:

+ The boat: symbolizes good luck in work, attracts fortune and good winds to promote a smooth, smooth career, overcome obstacles and challenges.

+ Light bulb: a symbol for new and interesting ideas and initiatives, helping the owner to become a special, talented and different element.

Compared with the mini sailboat model, the boat in the light is designed with fewer designs, mainly the boat inside is a sailboat. The different factor that distinguishes the models in the bottle is the color of the sail and the texture on the hull.

3.Bottle Model in Bottle

The boat in the bottle has the same design as the boat in the lamp, but the boat is housed in a transparent glass wine bottle. Boats in bottles come in two forms: boats in horizontal bottles and boats in bottles vertically.

The size of the horizontal glass bottle is about 12-20cm long, the boat in the vertical glass bottle is about 20-25cm long, 25-30cm high.

The model model of a small wooden boat in a bottle is often displayed on cabinets, wine racks, but it is also popular when decorating desks thanks to the base

Displaying a model boat in a bottle will give the room a relaxed, stylish feel, showing the style of the upper class.

A Few Tips for Displaying Small Wooden Boat Models on the Desk

As you know, decorating wooden boat models besides high aesthetic value, it is also effective in terms of feng shui, helping to open up the air to welcome fortune and luck for the owner. Therefore, when displaying a small wooden boat model on your desk, you also need to follow some feng shui rules such as:

+ Do not place the wooden boat with the bow facing the door because this will cause the boat carrying fortune to go out.

+ If displaying 2 or more wooden boats, they should be placed in the same direction. This symbolizes the meaning that all employees and partners will have the same direction as you, working together to achieve success. Do not put 2 boats facing each other because this display will cause civil war at work.

+ Do not place models of warships (warships are often associated with wars in history, easily causing conflicts in business).

And one more thing to note is that the small wooden boat model is a decorative item with a lot of details. When displaying this type of model, choose a safe location to avoid collisions or entanglements. If the model is dropped, the boat will be easily damaged and broken.

If you have any questions about any of the above small wooden boat models, you just need to contact us via the hotline so that the consultant can support promptly or. Besides, customers can also visit Gia Nhien’s luxury wooden boat showroom directly at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City to choose a satisfactory sailing model. Here we have more than 1,000 wooden boat models with all sizes from mini to fullsize, ready to satisfy you!

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