Which Type Of Woodel Model Boats Should We Choose

A souvenir boat model is a souvenir that one person buys to commemorate or as a gift to another person to commemorate a trip or event. So when choosing a souvenir boat model, which type should you choose? We will give you some suggestions to make the best choice for you!

Which Type Of Woodel Model Boats Should We Choose
Which Type Of Woodel Model Boats Should We Choose

2 Types of Most Popular Souvenir Boat Models

Cruise Boat

Cruise boats are definitely the most “relevant” souvenirs to travel. You can choose models of tourist boats as souvenirs for friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. when traveling/visiting them.

Boats are a meaningful feng shui gift because it symbolizes the wishes of “smooth sailing and smooth sailing” from the giver to the receiver. In particular, tourist boats symbolize relaxation, peace, affluence, and enjoyment of life. And also a symbol of wealth, often successful people will have enough conditions to experience traveling so these luxury yachts.

Giving a tour boat model as a souvenir is extremely meaningful, it will help keep memories of the trip / visit, and pray for the recipient to always be favorable at work, so that life has more Travel experience endless relaxation and full of amenities.

In addition, tourist boats should be given as souvenirs, because the design of tourist boats is very luxurious, sophisticated, meticulous and attractive. The souvenir boat model will simulate up to 95% of the famous tourist boats in history, a miniature model that faithfully reproduces the real boat.

Here are a few famous tourist boat models as souvenirs that you should know:

  1. Carnival Miracle Cruise Boat Model

Carnival Miracle is a large cruise ship launched in 2009. The space inside the boat is designed with many entertainment and entertainment facilities. People organize a lot of activities on this boat, suitable for all ages.

Carnival Miracle’s main activity is to sell vacations to customers, helping them create memorable experiences.

The boat has a length of 1,004 feet, a capacity of up to 3,646 people, a speed of 22.5 knots. Currently, this ship is still serving tourism activities for tourists to visit.

Model size: Length 80 x Width 16 x Height 35 (cm)


  1. Asuka II Cruise Ship

ASUKA II is a cruise ship owned and managed by Nippon Yusen Kaisha, National of Japan. This is a ship that ranks among the largest luxury cruise ships in Japan. Its length is up to 241m, the space inside the ship is arranged up to 436 rooms to serve the needs of tourists.

On this cruise ship, people provide a lot of lavish services at quite high prices. To experience this luxury cruise, passengers will need to pay the cost from 50,000 yen to 500,000 yen (1 person/3 days 2 nights), about 300,000 yen to 2,800,000 yen (1 person) /2 weeks), about 4,200,000 yen to 26,000,000 yen (1 person/100 days around the world).

These lavish yacht services are best served without tipping. They provide customers with carefully selected services with excellent staff, each serving only 2 guests. In particular, all rooms on the boat have a sea view, fully equipped with bathrooms and toilets, providing a top-notch experience for customers. Currently, ASuka II is still operating to serve tourists in Japan.

Model size: Length 103 x Width 17 x Height 34 (cm)


  1. Staten Island Ferry Souvenir Boat Model

The Staten Island Ferry is a popular cruise ship, serving passengers traveling between Staten Island and lower Manhattan. In addition, this boat also serves free of charge for visitors who want to see the waterfront of New York City and the Statue of Liberty through the New York harbor route.

This ship has become a familiar part to generations in New York, especially those who have lived here for many years, creating intangible value as an iconic part of New York.

Currently, this cruise ship is still working hard to serve tourists. If you have the opportunity to visit New York, you can come to this ship to experience its roads.

Model size: Length 80 x Width 18 x Height 30 (cm)


Souvenir Boat Model In Bottle

The boat model in the bottle will be an extremely convenient souvenir for the following reasons:

Boat design is contained in compact glass bottles, convenient for packing and moving.

+ The size of the boat in a petite bottle. The length of the boat in the bottle is usually from 15-25cm, suitable for display gifts without taking up too much space, can be flexibly displayed in many positions such as: desk, bookshelf, wine cabinet, etc. TV shelf, reception desk,…

+ Affordable price, suitable for the pocket of many customers.

+ The design of the boat inside is sophisticated, still ensuring elegance, eye-catching, and showing feng shui value because the boat inside the bottle is still made from natural wood, fabric sails, accurately simulated with the model. real boat.

Occasions for Giving the Most Meaningful Souvenir Boat Model

Souvenir boat is a gift of high value in terms of both price and spirit, it is a gift that shows luxury and class. At the same time, this is an indirect way to help the giver express his heart and thoughtfulness to the recipient through the meaning of the boat’s good wishes.

And here are some occasions/events you should choose a souvenir boat model as a gift:

+ Giving birthday gifts to superiors and partner

+ Giving gifts to celebrate the opening, housewarming

+ Celebrating the establishment of a business, company, or organization

+ Giving gifts when superiors come to work, partners, customers visit the company  internal events

+ Giving gifts to employees when achieving achievements at wor

+ Giving gifts when visiting offices/events organized by partners, friends, etc.

Besides the tourist boat models and bottle boat models that we attached the above pictures, Gia Nhien showroom still has hundreds of other tourist boat and bottle boat models. Customers can visit Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, P25, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City to personally choose the most satisfactory souvenir boat model!

Customers can also contact us via hotline, we are ready to provide actual pictures and advice on products according to customers’ preferences! We are ready to serve you !

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