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If you are a fan of wooden furniture, especially wooden model boats, the article on cleaning wooden model boats below is definitely useful knowledge to help you take good care of the item. your beloved.

To keep the wooden model boats as clean as new and maintain their appearance for decades, let’s follow the cleaning method that Gia Nhien shares right here!

Huong Dan Ve Sinh

Some Things To Know When Displaying Wooden Model Boats

As with any piece of furniture, when decorating a wooden boat model, you also need to know some characteristics and characteristics when using this type of wooden boat model such as:

Wooden boat models are made from wood as the main material, some boats have cloth sails. When displayed in a space that is often prone to dust, periodic cleaning should be performed to keep the model clean, if left for too long, the dirt will adhere to the sails, causing stubborn stains

– A sailboat model usually has thousands of parts assembled together. When displayed on tables, shelves, cabinets, if there is no safe base frame or if the space is too tight, the model will bump into surrounding objects, making the model easily broken and damaged.

Wooden boats can also warp if stored in a humid environment, or under direct sunlight. So place the wooden boat model in a cool, dry area.

– You may also encounter a situation where the wooden boat model has termites due to a long time. For this case, you can use an orange/lemon essential oil diffuser to repel weevils and preserve the model longer.

– If unfortunately the wooden model boat is damaged or broken, you should not repair it yourself, because the details of a boat are made very picky; or if badly damaged you should not throw it away immediately. Look for reputable wooden boat model repair addresses to be supported by professional modelers to help you turn your damaged model into a new one!


Some Extremely Convenient Wooden Model Boat Cleaning Tips

Wooden boat models, when displayed for a long time in space, will usually only get dusty. So dust cleaning is the most important issue. If possible, dust the model weekly, or at least monthly. The cleaning time should not be too long.

You can apply ways to clean dust on model wooden boats such as:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the surface of the boat and the sails.
  2. Use a dry cloth to wipe the model.
  3. You can use a damp cloth to wipe, but absolutely do not let it get too wet. After using a lightly damp cloth to wipe, use a dry cloth to wipe it again to ensure that no water remains on the wooden surface, to avoid causing moisture to the boat. If water seeps into the wood, it will cause mold, termites, and termites for a long time.
  4. Use wax to clean and polish the wooden hull. In this way, you clean the boat with a dry towel first, then use a little wax to spread the surface of the boat and then wipe it with a dry towel a few times. This way will help the boat become shiny, newer and in addition to increase the surface waterproofing for the wooden boat model.
  5. In case your wooden boat model unfortunately has white mold, make a pot of strong tea, then use a cloth to soak a little tea and start wiping gently until it’s clean. Then dry the model to prevent mold from returning.


+ When cleaning a wooden model boat, it should be done meticulously, carefully, if done carelessly, it will cause the details on the model on the boat to be broken or fall off.

+ Because the surface of the boat is usually painted, when cleaning the monkey, it is preferable to use a towel, do not use sharp objects to scrub the surface, to avoid scratching and peeling the paint.

+ When buying wooden boat models, you should choose to buy high-end goods to maintain long-term quality. Handcrafted wooden boat models will last for several decades. If customers buy models of plywood, mass wood, it is very easy to get termites after only a few years.

Address Repairing Prestigious Wooden Model Boats in Ho Chi Minh City

If you own a high-class wooden boat model but unfortunately damaged, lost a few details during the display process, don’t worry too much! Gia Nhien is an expert in repairing and restoring wooden boat models in Vietnam.

Gia Nhien is a company specializing in manufacturing wooden boat models in Ho Nai traditional craft village with more than 20 years of experience. We have a team of skilled wooden boat crafters, with enough skills and experience to help you fix and handle the problem that the model wooden boat is having.

Wooden Boat Repair Service Service Process

Step 1: Receive repair requests from customers via hotline, then our consultants will get information, actively contact customers via facebook, zalo to ask for actual pictures of the boat.

Step 2: Diagnose the damage level of the boat, notify the customer of the repair plan and repair costs for the customer.

Step 3: After the customer agrees with the plan and cost, the customer will send the model boat to Gia Nhien showroom at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, p25, Binh Thanh, HCMC.

Step 4: We will transfer the model to the main workshop in Dong Nai for artisans to repair. After about 2-3 weeks, we will hand over the model to the customer as committed.

Gia Nhien is a global manufacturer and distributor of high-class wooden boat models, ready to support customers with all problems related to wooden boat models. Visit our website or visit Gia Nhien showroom directly to choose the best and most satisfactory wooden boat models!

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