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Boat model is a decorative feng shui gift and has a high value in terms of meaning, especially when used as a gift for special occasions to show sincerity and love to the recipient. The more advanced the boat model, the more valuable it is and the more it shows its own class. So when buying a model boat, how to distinguish which is a high-class model?

In order not to make the mistake of buying the wrong goods, poor quality goods, or products that are “cheated”, let’s join Gia Nhien in remembering the “identifying features” of a high-class model boat. !

How To Different Of Hight
How To Different Of Hight
  1. High Quality Boat Model Material

High-class models of boats are boats made from precious wood materials, usually wood: frankincense, mother-of-pearl, melaleuca. Good wood will help these models keep their value for decades, even hundreds of years.

When holding the model boat made of good wood, you will feel very solid in the hand and it is quite heavier than the mass models made from pine or common woods.

In particular, these good woods will have the advantage of helping the model resist warping and termites much better, increasing the value of the product.

  1. Appearance & Details

It is not difficult to recognize a high-class model boat and a popular model by its appearance. A class 1 model boat will have a sharp and very neat appearance. Because it is a product made by the hands of the craftsmen in the traditional craft village of Ho Nai, 100% of the details are handmade from the boat frame, poles, rope system, sails, auxiliary boats, etc. steering wheel, stairs, corridors, windows, anchors,…

A high-class boat will have thousands of details and the craftsman will respect the original drawing of the boat. So when simulating that boat as a model, all the details / parts of that boat will be fully assembled, in the right position.

On the other hand, the model cars are often made quite sketchy because it is industrial, mass-produced, and relies heavily on machines. The lines and details on the boat often have many small errors and are not quite complete. Especially can look at the sail system of the model. If a high-end model, the craftsman will knit the rope with just enough length for the sail to be tense. As for the normal model, people knit the rope quickly and unskillfully, causing the rope to be slack, many redundant wires, and easy to get tangled.

  1. Accuracy

Most of the wooden boat model products are simulated real boats in reality according to a certain scale. Currently, the highest simulation ability of high-end boat models is up to 95% compared to real boats.

These indicators will be given by the manufacturer or recorded in the product information. The higher the simulation rate, the more expensive a model boat is because the craftsman has to put in a lot of work to complete the process and thousands of details are attached to the boat.

Customers can even request to see the drawing of the boat to compare accuracy, as well as compare with the actual boat image to see if the simulation is exactly as described by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, if the boat does not simulate the real boat, then you should not buy it because this shows “disrespect” to the original, which doesn’t make much sense.

  1. Brand

In Vietnam, high-class boat models are products of craft villages making traditional models of some people in Dong Nai province. Therefore, high-end model boat products must have a genuine brand certificate, certified by the manufacturer. And these products are all clearly sourced.

Whether buying at a store or buying online on e-commerce platforms, websites, etc., customers should pay attention to check the product brand. The simplest way is that you can look up the manufacturer’s information on google. Because most of today’s high-end boat models have branding and public information on the internet platform.

  1. Policy And Warranty

When buying high-end boat models, manufacturers always have certain policies and warranties for customers. These are perks for premium customers, such as:

+ Return products when there is a manufacturing error, wrong model, wrong size.

+ Warranty for damage for 3-6 months.

+ Free gift packaging, greeting card design, logo printing, personal nameplate design…

If you buy a mass model, these policies are unlikely to be available. Therefore, choose a distributor with a reputable policy to ensure your rights when buying model boats.

  1. High-end Model Boat Model Selling Price

The selling price between high-end models and mass boats has a large difference. A 40cm high-class model boat costs from 2-3 million VND, while the price of a popular model boat costs only 400-500 thousand VND.

But also be very careful, retail distributors can push the price of products up for sale, creating a price difference. And there are also cases where people take fake goods, type 2 goods to sell at the price of type 1 goods.

In order to make the right choice, without buying stuck goods, customers should choose to buy directly at the manufacturer.

Advice on where to buy High-class Model Boats

You may be quite nervous when buying a model boat when you are not really knowledgeable about this high-end decoration. Because it is a feng shui item with high value in terms of both price and meaning, so to be sure to buy a high-class model boat product, please choose Gia Nhien brand wooden boat model. . Because of:

+ Gia Nhien is a manufacturer and direct distributor of wooden boat models, a pioneer in quality in Vietnam with a foundation of 20 years.

+ 100% of artisans making model boats all learn and work in Ho Nai, have 15-20 years of experience

+ We publicize all information about Gia Nhien wooden boat model brand on internet platforms, social networks for customers to easily look up information and verify product origin.

+ Commit to accurately simulate up to 95% of real boat models – the highest standard in the field of high-class boat model manufacturing in Vietnam.

+ Gia Nhien has enough customer service policies such as: packaging, logo printing, nationwide shipping, 6-month warranty as prescribed, …

+ The selling price is listed, ensuring stability.

+ There is a certificate of genuine product when buying and producing to make it easy for customers to understand and transfer the product when there is a need.

Gn Showroom
Gn Showroom

An advantage over the customers of Gia Nhien boat brand is that we have a boat showroom in Saigon. Here will display more than 1000 models of models with a variety of categories such as: antique boats, battle boats, paintings boats, speed boats, tourist boats, … with full sizes for customers to choose accordingly. fit the need.

Customers can visit Gia Nhien’s showroom directly at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, P25, Binh Thanh District for 100% peace of mind when choosing any wooden boat model products. In addition, you can immediately contact Gia Nhien’s hotline for support and advice to help you choose a model with the right size for the location, and especially with feng shui and interests. of the owner!

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