Top 5 feng shui items on New Year’s Day to help homeowners prosper in the new year

Statue Of Thiem Than Feng Shui Toad 1

Top 5 feng shui items on New Year’s Day to help homeowners prosper in the new year

Feng shui objects are defined as items that are used to bring prosperity, can generate wealth, turn bad, bring good things and neutralize bad things for its owner. During the first day of the year, which is the first day of the new year, Vietnamese people often have the tradition of displaying feng shui items for the whole year to be lucky and welcome a lot of fortune into the house. However, to achieve good feng shui value, it is necessary to choose appropriate feng shui items. Here are suggestions for 5 feng shui items on Tet to help homeowners thrive in the new year that you should collect right away!

5 feng shui items on New Year’s Day to help the whole new year be lucky and peaceful

Feng shui items are often made extremely delicate and luxurious. It is both a decoration with high aesthetic value, as well as a feng shui object that brings a lot of luck and a symbol of good values. However, each feng shui item will often represent different meanings. To combine feng shui items in a harmonious way, bringing full health – fortune – joy for the whole year to the family, try to decorate all the following 5 feng shui items on New Year’s Day:

1. Statue of Thiem Thu Toad – A feng shui item on New Year’s Day that symbolizes the “genius of wealth” of your family

Statue of Thiem Thu Toad, also known as a 3-legged Toad statue. This statue depicts a toad sitting on a carpet covered with gold and silver treasures and on the toad’s mouth is an ancient coin. This feng shui statue is considered a “god toad statue” and has the effect of attracting fortune for your family. And for this reason, it is considered that the display of Thiem Thu on the first day of the year means bringing the “god of fortune” into the house so that this god of fortune can bring full fortune for the whole new year.
The most beautiful and luxurious feng shui Thiem Thu Toad statues are usually made from natural gemstones, gilded copper or precious wood. Priority should be given to choosing statues made from these materials to both ensure aesthetics and enhance the feng shui value of the item.
Statue Of Thiem Than Feng Shui Toad
Statue Of Thiem Than Feng Shui Toad

2. Sailing boat model – A feng shui item on New Year’s Day symbolizing smoothness and success

The sailboat model has been a feng shui item associated with the life of Vietnamese people since ancient times. Sailboats are the first means of human transportation to explore the world, and especially the means to help fishermen in fishing villages make a living. It has become a familiar and necessary part of the lives of Vietnamese fishermen.

Model Of Feng Shui Sailboat
Model Of Feng Shui Sailboat
For business people, they see sailing as a symbol of a successful businessman. There is a lot in common between sailing ships and business people. It can be thought of the image of a sailboat sailing out to sea, having to go through many waves and storms, when returning, it will bring a lot of fish and shrimp, bringing a lot of money to workers, just like the image of people. Entrepreneurs will face many difficulties and challenges in the market, but when overcome, they will reap many achievements and build a successful career for themselves.
In terms of feng shui, a sailing boat is considered an item of extremely high feng shui value when it converges both water and wind elements through the sail to catch the wind and the body of the boat in contact with the water. As a result, sailing boats are lucky items and it is believed that when displayed in the new year, the boat will bring a lot of money and fame to its owner. In this new year, when doing anything, it will be convenient, smooth, with difficulties, it will be easy to overcome and achieve the set goals.
The feng shui sailing items on Tet holiday should be displayed in the living room or office. It is advisable to choose a wooden sailboat model with fabric sails to create a feeling of authenticity and closeness. Currently, high-end models of sailboats can simulate up to 95% of real boats, for example, sailboat models of Gia Nhien brand.
In addition, you can choose gilded sailboat models or sailboat paintings to display feng shui still ensuring the feng shui and luxury of this feng shui item on Tet holiday.

3. Fortune Tree – A feng shui item on New Year’s Day symbolizing prosperity and reunion

The fortune tree is a very familiar feng shui item on New Year’s Day and is very popular with families. True to its name, the fortune tree will have the use of bringing a lot of fortune to the host family. The branches of the tree in the spring will quickly sprout buds and have a strong reproduction and proliferation. These are symbolic details for wealth, affluence, and reunion. People with the par Moc are very suitable to display the fortune tree in the house on New Year’s Day to generate sand, mastery for the whole year.
In the family, if there are many members, this fortune tree also helps members gather, unite and support each other to always aim for good values.
Some Fortune Trees Bring Vitality, Prosperity And Energy To Homeowners In The New Year
Some Fortune Trees Bring Vitality, Prosperity And Energy To Homeowners In The New Year
When displaying the fortune tree on the first day of the year, it is advisable to choose real trees to show vitality and strong energy in the beautiful spring. In addition, you can also choose a fortune tree made from gilded materials or quartz stone to show the superiority and class of your family.

4. Maitreya Buddha Statue – Feng Shui items for peace and happiness for the new year

The Maitreya Buddha statue is a very famous feng shui statue. This is a statue of Buddha with a stout body, smiling brightly and full of joy. Especially, in the hand of the Maitreya Buddha statue is still holding a gold nugget. Therefore, this is a feng shui statue carrying a symbol of optimism, joy, happiness, as well as bringing wealth and money to the owner.
On the eve of the new year, have ready display the Maitreya Buddha statue in the solemn, tall area of the living room so that when entering the new year, the statue will help your home bring good luck, a peaceful atmosphere. Peace, peace, happiness will spread throughout a new year for the whole family. When you have a happy life, your health will also become better, everything will also go smoothly and become better.
The Feng Shui Maitreya Buddha Statue Brings Peace, Luck And Health To Your Family Members
The Feng Shui Maitreya Buddha Statue Brings Peace, Luck And Health To Your Family Members

5. Tam Da Phuc – Loc – Tho statue set – Feng shui items wishing for a complete new year

The set of 2 statues of Phuc – Loc – Tho is considered one of the most effective feng shui items to wish for a complete new year with 3 basic things in life:
+ Blessing: pray for children to be full of flocks and obedient
+ Pray for fortune: pray for prosperity, luck
+ Longevity: pray for health, longevity
Tam Da statue set is the image of 3 gods Phuc, Loc, Tho representing the wishes of people. All three gods have a smiling, happy, and energetic spirit. Especially, this trio of gods also carries the principles of the green star, the white star, and the planet Venus, which, when converged, will have the effect of increasing the sand and gas to help the owner get fame, brilliant career, life. prosperous life, successful children, abundant health.
Therefore, families should display the trio of Phuc – Loc – Tho statues in a dignified and airy position to be blessed by the three gods and reap a lot of luck and good things in the new year.
Above are Gia Nhien’s 5 suggestions for feng shui items on New Year’s Day to help you achieve a lot of luck, fortune, health, happiness and reunion in the upcoming 2023 new year. Feng shui is a very spiritual thing and if you know how to make use of feng shui in accordance with your destiny, you will surely receive countless good things in return. Therefore, take the time to research the appropriate feng shui items, as well as consider the locations to display feng shui items on New Year’s Day to open up the air for the whole family!
In addition, if you need more advice on feng shui items in general and feng shui sailboat models in particular, you can contact Gia Nhien for expert advice and support. inquire at any time.

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