Model boat racing – Elegant pleasures to satisfy passion

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Model boat racing – Elegant pleasures to satisfy passion

Recently, model boat racing is considered a highly entertaining water sport activity and attracts more and more participants. The first large-scale model boat racing competitions have gradually been held in Vietnam, in order to satisfy the passion for speed enthusiasts. Right here, let’s learn about this elegant and interesting hobby with Gia Nhien!

The appearance of model boat races

Initially, the model boats were born for the main purpose of decoration, satisfying the passion of collecting boat models of some people. However, the skills and qualifications of artisans who make boat models are increasingly improved. They increasingly want models that look like the real thing, that can work underwater.
So they researched and discovered how to attach engines to the model boat so that it could float and move on the water at a remarkable speed, up to 95% like a real boat.
Model enthusiasts gradually have access to motorized boat models and have the opportunity to own them. Experiencing the operation of controlling a model boat running under water seems to give players a feeling of extreme relaxation and excitement. Gradually, more people joined in to experience and see the model boats running underwater. To increase the fun and excitement of this activity, a group of like-minded motor boat collectors organize official model boat racing competitions.
Model boat racing
Model boat racing – Elegant pleasures to satisfy passion
This model boat race is an opportunity to bring together people who share the same passion for motorboat models, as well as an opportunity to exchange and interact with each other and find out the model boats with impressive designs. impressive, as well as possessing the fastest speed on water.

The most recent model boat race in Vietnam

In 2022, a speed model boat race was held with extremely exciting atmosphere in Tien Giang. This is considered a big race with the participation of 40 clubs and more than 30 model ships participating in the race. The owners of these model ships are mainly from Tien Giang and Ho Chi Minh City, with all members of all ages, regardless of age or youth.
Contest rules and format are similar to real ship races. During the race, the model racing ships also encountered problems such as collisions, engine stalls, boat capsized, etc. So during the race, there was also a rescue team performing the “rescue” task.
The speed model trains will be controlled by the player with a remote control device, sometimes running straight, sometimes having to turn, accelerate. When running on the water, the model racing ship will also emit a howling sound indicating fast moving speed on the water. This is said to bring excitement as well as satisfy the passion of speed enthusiasts.

Model boat racing – Elegant pleasures to satisfy passion

These speed model ship races not only attract a large number of players, but also excite the spectators. Currently, many Vietnamese people look forward to the next season to join their model, both to connect, relax, and find a sense of relaxation after stressful working moments.
And not only in Vietnam, abroad a long time ago, there were many boat model clubs and they also organized countless speed races with a methodical and elaborate scale. For example, in the German city of Berlin, there are hundreds of model clubs, and speed model train races are held here with great enthusiasm, attracting hundreds of participants.

What do you need to do to pursue your passion for speedboat racing?

Speedboat racing is a water sport for the truly passionate. Because when participating in this race, you will need to prepare:
+ At least one motorized boat, it is best to equip a few to make a quick turn when one of the two has problems in the race.
+ Must carefully study the battlefield on the river, how to control the model when holding the controller in his hand.
+ In particular, it is necessary to choose a model with a suitable design to help take advantage of the capacity to achieve high speed, as well as limit malfunctions, engine stalls, boat capsized, etc. When moving on water .
In our experience, you should participate in observing a few speed boat races to gain experience for yourself before officially participating. And during this time, find and own yourself motorboat models and practice driving them regularly on the lake. In order for the actual battle in the race, your model will have a higher chance of winning and bringing glory to you.

Model boat racing – Elegant pleasures to satisfy passion

Where to buy motorized speed boat model?

It is important to win the race that you have to choose a quality motorboat model. Therefore, choose genuine model boats from Gia Nhien brand.
Gia Nhien Company specializes in manufacturing and exporting wooden boat models (with or without underwater engines) with more than 20 years of seniority. Gia Nhien brand is positioned as the number 1 unit specializing in manufacturing high-quality boat models in Vietnam, ensuring extremely high value and durability, as well as brand reputation.
At Gia Nhien, you can find thousands of motorized speed boats of various sizes and models. Most of the boat models at Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom are simulated from real racing versions such as Riva Aquarama, Riva Tritone, etc.
In particular, the strengths when choosing to buy model racing boats in Gia Nhien are:
+ All models are capable of floating on the water.
+ Can attach 1-2 engines to the boat, ensuring the best use of engines, warranty up to 6 months.
+ The speed boat model will be controlled by a remote control device.
+ Each racing boat model produced by Gia Nhien can reach speeds up to 20-30km/h. When fully charged, the battery will work continuously under water for about 30 minutes.
+ A set of speed boat models will include an engine boat, a hand control device and a battery charger for the engine.
To choose and buy racing boat models, you can directly visit Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom – the most professional and luxurious model in Ho Chi Minh City to visit and easily choose the model you like.
Riva Aquarama 1962 1972 2
Riva Aquarama 1962 1972 2
Riva Aquarama Gucci
Riva Aquarama Gucci
In addition, you can also order online through Gia Nhien’s sales channels such as: website, zalo, fanpage, tiki, lazada, shopee, etc. The model will be delivered nationwide in only 3-5 days.
You can refer to some models of speedboats belonging to Gia Nhien wooden boat brand here:
And for support, detailed advice and answers to all questions related to model boat racing, you can contact Gia Nhien via hotline to meet with a consultant 24/7!

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