Model sailboats and inspirational stories about dreams

Sailboats Carry Ambition And Luck 2

Model sailboats and inspirational stories about dreams

In the past time, the model of sailing boat has been mentioned as a feng shui item that brings luck and fortune to business people. But in another aspect, sailboat models are also seen as items that carry people’s dreams. Today, Gia Nhien invites you to learn about an inspirational story to see the meaning and intangible value inside these sailboats!

Sailboat “carrying dreams across the waves”

According to information Gia Nhien consulted from Tuoi Tre newspaper, it is known that “carrying dreams over the waves” is the name of a project carried out by a man to accompany children with cancer.
Accordingly, this man spent his free time during the COVID-19 epidemic break to recycle unused materials such as straws, cartons, cotton swabs, disposable chopsticks, cardboard, etc. into sailboats and donated to children with cancer.
According to his share, he initially made boat models with his children because of his passion. Then he thought that surely children would like the toys just like his own children. Therefore, he made toy sailboats to give to children who are coping with illness. However, the reason he chose to make a model of a sailboat to give to the children was because of his hobby of making boat models. And more than that, this man used the image of a boat to send his wishes to the children, wishing that the children would wake up every morning with illnesses, but hope that the boat would help them cope. The benefits will be overcome, it will bring them optimism and joy to fight the disease.
Sailboats Carry Ambition And Luck - Model sailboats and inspirational stories about dreams
Sailboats Carry Ambition And Luck
The boats modeled by this man in the form of models are very diverse such as leaf boats, battleships, aircraft carriers, sailing ships, Titanic ships, etc. And he also started making larger boats to give to children. . Explaining this, the man shared that when making big boats, he thought more about the ups and downs that the children had to go through, from which the project of making a boat model for the children was called. “carrying dreams across the waves” was born.

The human value of the sailboat model

As can be seen, if the model sailboat is considered an ordinary object, it is just an inanimate item, only for decoration. However, for those who feel and think more deeply, the boat is a symbol of smoothness, convenience, luck. And in addition, it also represents dreams and ambitions to overcome difficulties and challenges. The image of the boat going out to sea and overcoming the waves and winds to safely land is a metaphor for the noble wishes of people, that they will win the thorns and challenges, overcome the barriers to reach the destination. achieve success, peace, happiness.
Back to the sailboat model, it can be affirmed that this is a feng shui item that not only business people should display, but everyone should arrange a sailboat in the house to collect money. attract fortune and luck.
Sailboats Carry Ambition And Luck - Model sailboats and inspirational stories about dreams
Sailboats Carry Ambition And Luck
Specifically, in terms of feng shui:
+ Model sailboat is an item of high feng shui value when it converges on operating characteristics thanks to the resonance of water and wind power, representing the two elements of feng shui and feng shui. These are the two factors that directly activate the wealth supply of people.
In addition, sailing ships also carry sacred meanings such as:
+ Sailboats are associated with the livelihood activities of the vast majority of Vietnamese people – who live in coastal areas, they make a living by going out to sea and fishing on boats.
+ Boats were the first means of transportation of mankind and to this day it is still extremely useful and necessary, so it represents an important part of life.
With the above factors, sailing boat can be considered as a sacred feng shui symbol and it will bring a lot of luck to the owner. At the same time, it will accompany the owner, carry the owner’s ambition to overcome the storm and turn the dream into reality, as well as protect their life always peace and convenience.
Gia Nhien Feng Shui Sailboat Model Is Made From Wood - Model sailboats and inspirational stories about dreams
Gia Nhien Feng Shui Sailboat Model Is Made From Wood
There are many feng shui display items, but perhaps a sailboat is a very special item that once you have grasped its meaning and value, you should definitely not miss it. If you have any questions about sailboat models, please contact the fanpage Gia Nhien Wooden Boat Model – an expert in manufacturing wooden boat models with traditional handicrafts for 20 years will help you answer them in detail. suitable.
Gia Nhien Company is proud to be a unit specializing in the production and distribution of global wooden boat models, contributing to creating beautiful values for life!



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