Titanic Wooden Boat


Titanic – The classic film recreates the true story that you must have heard at least once. The content of the film revolves around the love story of the guy Jack and the girl Rose on the famous Titanic yacht that “never sinks”. Through this article, let’s learn the history of the Titanic wooden boat model and the beautiful love story of the main character couple!

Titanic Wooden Boat
Titanic Wooden Boat

A Brief History of the Titanic

The Titanic is a steam-powered ship that has entered maritime history, having been in a terrible maritime accident with surprises and related mysteries. The official name of this ship is RMS Titanic (RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship). The ship began to be built in 1909 and launched in 1912. As the largest, most modern, most splendid and most luxurious ship of its time, Titanic then followed with its ambition to dominate the transatlantic sea route. Atlantic Ocean by the shipping company La ligne de l’étoile blanche. However, during the first and last transatlantic voyage in April 1912, the Titanic sank by crashing into an iceberg, killing more than 1,500 people. This shipwreck has gone down in history as the most notable maritime accident in peacetime.

Titanic 1
Titanic 1

After the sinking of the Titanic, many thrilling theories have been put forward about the cause of this incident. This is also an important event that greatly influences and affects the regulations on maritime safety in the future.

Summary Of The Legendary Titanic Story

In 1996, treasure hunter Brock Lovett and his team boarded the research ship Keldysh to search for the legendary RMS Titanic wreck in the Atlantic Ocean in search of a necklace studded with a diamond. Very rare, Heart of the Ocean. They recovered a safe, inside there was a picture of a naked young woman wearing only that necklace. The painting is dated April 14, 1912, the day the Titanic hit an iceberg. The old woman Rose Dawson Calvert, after hearing the news on television, identified herself as the woman in the painting, visited Lovett and told him about her experiences on the Titanic.

In 1912 in the port of Southampton, 17-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater of the aristocracy with her fiancé Cal Hockley and her mother Ruth boarded the Titanic in first class to return to the United States. Ms. Ruth emphasized that Rose’s marriage would solve the current financial problems of the DeWitt Bukater family. Frustrated with this arrangement, Rose attempted to commit suicide by jumping into the sea from the stern of the ship; But she was persuaded by Jack Dawson, a poor painter without a penny in his pocket, not to do so, and after some contact, the two developed feelings.

Discovered with Jack, Rose lied to Cal that she was reaching over the side of the ship to see the propeller and was saved by Jack from falling into the sea. Cal remained indifferent, but when Rose reminded him to have something to thank, he gave Jack a small amount of money. When Rose asked if saving her life meant so little to him, Cal then invited Jack to dinner with them in first class the next night. Jack and Rose begin to form a close friendship, although Cal and Aunt Ruth are quite worried about him. At dinner the next day, Rose secretly follows Jack to a high school party.

Knowing that Cal and Ruth’s mother are unhappy, Rose refutes Jack’s confession of feelings for her, stating that she loves Cal, but later realizes that she loves Jack. As the sun sets over the sea, Rose takes Jack to her private room and shows him Cal’s engagement gift: Heart of the Ocean. At her request, Jack painted her nude. Black lead body, wrapped only in this necklace. They run away from Cal’s bodyguard, who is chasing them, and make love in the car under the train. The two then boarded the ship’s front deck, watched the Titanic collide with an iceberg, and listened to the ship’s captains and designers about how serious it was.

The fateful train changed the fate of all passengers on the ship, as well as the expectations and desires of lovers Jack and Rose. A disaster strikes, causing everything to become messy and not go as planned. People fell into the lifeboats and didn’t even dare to pull their life jackets. To escape the growing chaos, sailors closed the gates to avoid the crowds. Third class occupants boarded the deck and made room for first class occupants to board the lifeboat first.

During that time, Jack was handcuffed next to the water pipe because he was involved in a scam to steal the engagement ring Cal gave Rose. Sea water flooded in freezing cold. Fortunately, because of love, Rose did not get into the lifeboat with her mother, but on the contrary, she promptly ran to find Jack to save him from death. Before the water flooded. Some ran away, others fled together until the ship surfaced and split in two. Few people survived, thousands of passengers died tragically, most of the common people, including women and children, died from the cold of the sea, some died from the cruel cold.

Floating on the sea, Jack gave his beloved a rather large wooden plank, Lucky Rose was lying on a wooden plank floating in the sea, and Jack abandoned her forever under the cold water, surrounded by corpses. frozen death. She herself is too tired but because of her promise to Jack, she is determined to live. Rose rolled in the freezing water and struggled next to a sailor’s body to get the whistle. She blew the whistle hoping to attract attention. And then the captain of the last lifeboat turned around and saw her and Rose alive. She fled Cal to America and changed her name to Rose Dawson Calvert. Cal inherited a large fortune, but lost it in the Great Depression of 1929, and Cal committed suicide.

The bittersweet memory of Jack has haunted Rose all her life, and now Mrs. Rose, the soon-to-be 101-year-old, sits down and tells the Titanic’s discoverers about someone she really is. love, someone who brought her into life. The film ends with Mrs. Rose lying in bed and heading to the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean, where she arrives with Jack and finds her appearance in the first-class lounge.

This is really a very touching love story, showing how strong the power and divine greatness of love can make people give up the chance to live for the one they love. To feel this story deeply, you can watch this classic Titanic movie.

The Titanic after the shipwreck became extremely famous. After the movie Titanic was released, many people bought the Titanic wooden boat model as a souvenir of the beautiful eternal love story. And if you are also interested in the Titanic model, check out some of the information below.

Titanic Wooden Boat Model – Eternal Love Symbol

Artists have created a wooden model of the Titanic that resembles 95% of the boats in history.

The Titanic model has a variety of lengths from 60cm to 1m to suit the display needs of customers. To make a miniature Titanic model, artisans will spend hundreds of hours hand-crafting every detail in an extremely meticulous way. The details of the hull, hull, deck, sails, mast system, wiring, lifeboat, and other decorations are all simulated extremely accurately and vividly.

The Titanic model handmade by Gia Nhien company will be made from natural Melaleuca wood, the surface is covered with protective paint in the main colors of red, white, and black.

In the Titanic wooden boat model, the outstanding details you can observe closely such as:

+ The boat deck is outstanding, spacious, spacious, with a system of wooden chairs, wooden stairs, doors…

+ The system of 4 yellow and black chimneys catches the eye, along with wooden ladders.

+ The lifeboats will be mounted on the deck.

+ Chimneys, fin cables on the masts are meticulously tied.

+ The stern is fitted with a metal fence to protect the rear.

+ Especially the window system on both sides of the ship is made very real.

Product link:  https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/mo-hinh-tau-thuyen-cao-cap-titanic-60cm/

Some other detailed images of the Titanic wooden boat model .

Titanic Wooden Boat Model Usually Used In What Occasions?

Titanic is a commemorative yacht. Therefore, it is often used to:

+ Decorate living room, house.

+ Decoration in restaurants, hotels.

+ Gifts for friends and colleagues.

Above is the information that Gia Nhien wants to introduce to you about the legendary Titanic ship. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, take the time to watch it at least once. And if after watching, you admire the love story of the main character and want to own the Titanic wooden boat model as a souvenir, please contact Gia Nhien through the hotline for advice and support. help now!

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