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Are you wondering, do not know how to choose a gift when your boss is promoted in the most meaningful way and show your respect? Don’t worry, Gia Nhien will help you through suggestions for 8 best gifts for this special occasion! Explore to find the right gift now!

Giving Promotional Gifts To Your Boss Which Gift Should I Choose?

The superior is promoted and a favorable opportunity for the subordinates to express their respect, pride and admiration. Therefore, giving gifts on the occasion of your boss’s promotion will make an important contribution to showing your sincerity, and at the same time, it is also a “skillful way” to close the relationship between your boss and your boss. friend.

At work, you will always need to be liked by your boss for more guidance, help and favor, thereby having a higher chance of promotion. Therefore, when carefully considering what gift your boss gives you, is one of the essential, meaningful, and one of the beauties in the work culture wherever you are.

  1. Wooden Sailboat Model – Luxury Promotion Gifts

A promotion is a milestone that marks your superior’s acceptance of a new job position. Then, choosing a wooden sailboat model as a gift for this special occasion will definitely be the most suitable gift. Because, the sailboat model has a high feng shui value.

The sailboat is powered by water and wind. But in feng shui, these are two factors that effectively attract wealth. Thanks to the resonance of the water and the wind, the boat will move forward, welcoming the positive energies to help the owner always “sail and wind” at work.

In particular, when choosing a wooden sailboat model as a gift, this will be an extremely new and unique gift that is less likely to be “touched”. This gift will help junior employees completely solve the “gift problem” so that it is luxurious, beautiful, meaningful, and shows the most respect and care!

Currently, the model of feng shui wooden sailboat has thousands of models. Particularly on the occasion of the boss’s promotion, you can consider choosing a meaningful model that symbolizes strength and success such as ”

Model of wooden sailboat HMS Victory

True to its name, Victory wooden boat model means success. Giving this sailboat is both luxurious, aesthetic, and has the temperament of a leader. This gift will definitely help you score absolute points in the eyes of your superiors on the occasion of your boss’s promotion.

Hms Victory 1

Black Pearl sailboat model

The Black Pearl sailing ship, also known as the Black Pearl, is a model modeled after the boat from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Black Pearl is a boat symbolizing the strength of men, it will help the owner have extraordinary strength to overcome all obstacles, defeat opponents, gain victory and successfully land.

To learn more about wooden sailboat models, you can contact Gia Nhien Wooden Boat showroom at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, P25, Binh Thanh, HCMC. There will be more than 1,000 wooden boat models on display and always ready to serve customers.

Black Pearl 
  1. Wristwatches – Premium Gifts for Superiors

The watch is a gift that symbolizes time. Specifically, you can choose a watch as a gift on the occasion of your boss’s promotion for the following reasons:

+ The clock helps your boss easily observe and arrange the time scientifically, accurate to every minute, every second. Praise your boss as someone who values ​​time, professionalism, and punctuality.

+ The watch will follow your boss throughout the time he takes on a new position, wishing your boss’s working time will always be smooth and cyclic.

+ Giving a watch to your boss on the occasion of promotion is also a fashionable and luxurious jewelry, suitable for wearing office clothes. This gift will help your boss exude an elegant, attractive and successful style.

Note, when buying a gift for your boss, choose a good quality watch with a modern and elegant design that matches the personality characteristics and preferences of your boss. In addition, you can also choose a watch with a color that suits your boss to score more subtle points in the eyes of your superiors.

  1. Desk Decoration Items

A suggested idea for you when you don’t know what your boss should give you for promotion is desk display items. The desk is where your boss works every day, so you can keenly observe the space on your boss’s desk to choose a display gift that your boss can look at every day.

When choosing a gift to decorate your desk, choose items that are both aesthetic and valuable.

– Desk clock: this is a pretty reasonable gift because it will help your superiors keep track of time conveniently. There are many clock models for you to choose the one that suits your boss’s desk decoration style.

– Work light: This is considered an observant gift when your boss works at night and will need it.

– Mini sailboat model: also not outside the meaning of wishing for smooth sailing, you can give your boss mini sailboats about 20cm for your boss to display on his desk. You can cleverly print the name of the boat after the boss’s name, and note the name of the giver on the same boat. Then every time your boss looks at the boat, he will remember you as the giver.

Model sailing boat is a very good feng shui gift for the owner. Therefore, if you choose this gift for your boss, your boss will definitely love your observance!

  1. Wine

When choosing a gift for your boss on the occasion of a promotion, you can consider choosing wine. This is a familiar drink of those who are “boss”, showing the leader’s class and is considered a strong and healthy gift. The meaning when choosing wine as a gift is to give wishes of health and luck

Wine has many types, suitable for both male and female bosses, so you have the flexibility to choose to give gifts. In addition, the prices of wine bottles are quite diverse with many segments, easily matching your pocket.

  1. Pen Sign

As a leader, your superiors will have to regularly sign contracts, documents, and documents. Therefore, you can absolutely choose a good signing pen as a gift for your boss’ promotion. In addition to the meaning of work, the signature pen can also be considered a luxury jewelry when your boss uses it to put on his vest every occasion to meet a partner or attend a conference.

Currently, there are many units that produce pens with many different designs. In particular, to make your own mark, you can engrave your boss’s name and promotion date on the surface of the pen. Indeed, this is a very polite, elegant and meaningful gift!

  1. Wall Paintings

Perhaps when asking what gift a promotion boss should give, many people will think of wall paintings. There are many types of wall paintings with extremely rich sizes and contents. However, when choosing a picture to give to your superiors on the occasion of promotion, pay attention to choosing a picture that has the meaning of wishing for health, success and smoothness in work to continue to advance in the future. In addition, the selection of paintings also needs to match the destiny of the five elements of the superior.

Here are a few samples of wall paintings for your boss you can refer to before choosing such as:

+ Painting of eagles with wings: The eagle is the king of birds, also known as the lord of the sky. Eagle is an animal symbolizing strength, power, foresight. When choosing this picture for your boss, you can convey the implication that your boss will always fly high on the career path, becoming a leader in many fields.

+ Successful unique painting: this is an extremely famous painting and has the meaning as its name suggests to wish for great success for superiors. In this type of painting, you can choose a cross-stitched picture to show the meticulous, meticulous and sophisticated, expressing the value of the aesthetic of this gift.

+ Boat painting: boat painting is a fairly new type of painting when it is assembled from wood pieces. Giving a picture of a boat to the boss on the wall also means wishing the boss a smooth sailing when taking on a new role. If you want to choose a picture for your boss but don’t overlap much with the majority, boat painting is definitely a new and appropriate choice.

  1. Types of Ornamental Plants

If your boss is a person who likes simplicity, you can choose ornamental plants to give on the occasion of your boss’s promotion. This is a seemingly simple gift, but often very popular with the boss. Because the plants will create a fresh air in the

workspace. After stressful working times, your superiors can look at these flowers to relieve, create a comfortable spirit to improve work efficiency better and better.

When buying a flower plant to give your boss a promotion, find out what your boss is and what destiny is right for you to choose the right plant. The lucky plant will help your boss always have a lot of luck and advantages in all work.

Above are 7 gift suggestions for you when you are in a situation of wondering what the most meaningful gift should be given by your boss. Currently, Gia Nhien has more than 1,000 models of products related to wooden models such as wooden sailboats, mini wooden boats, picture boats, etc.

For detailed information and prices of these models, we invite you to contact Gia Nhien’s hotline or directly visit the showroom to choose the most suitable product for these special occasions.


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