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Vietnam is a country with a system of interlaced canals, rivers, luxuriant forests, especially concentrated in the Southwest region. In the 19th century and earlier, road traffic in Vietnam was still very underdeveloped. At that time, dinghy was a specialized means of transportation for people living in the river region.

Until now, when the traffic has been perfected and is more and more modern, the traditional dinghys are still pretty much retained. And it has become one of the beautiful cultural parts of the Southwest. Let’s learn about the origin of the dinghy model to understand its beauty!

The Origin Of The Clover Model

The three-leaf boat, also known as the three-leaf boat, originated in China. The bottom of this type of boat is quite flat, the length usually ranges from 3.5-4.5m. Some three-leaf boats were built with small shacks, becoming small houses for people to temporarily stay on the river.

Canoes often row on rivers, but almost do not row in the sea because their resistance is quite low, not suitable for exposure to harsh conditions or rushing waves at sea.

Tam Ban boats appear in many countries around the world, most in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Bangladesh and including Vietnam.

Structure Of The Clover Model

The three-leaf boat is inherently named after its structural characteristics because it is assembled from 3 boards: 2 beige boards and 1 bottom plate. In order for the boat to be strong, the boat frame was created to simulate a fish skeleton and made from “curved” boats. The frame from the curved set takes on the task of fixing the boat’s hull, resisting the pressure of the water from the outside, and at the same time holding the board firmly, helping the boat not to slip and deform.

Below the bar, the boat builders will find a way to cut holes in the shape of a semicircle to allow water to flow between the compartments. From there, the water will gather in one place and the boatman can easily splash the water.

The helmet and steering of the sampans have a similar design, so the control of the canoe is very flexible. The difference lies in the size of the stand. Other types of boats and boats will have to turn their noses when they return, but with dinghy, rowers just need to change the sitting position from the bow to the steering wheel. This feature makes the dinghy very useful when traveling in too narrow river lanes.

The tonnage of the dinghy is calculated from the dimensions of the beige set. Usually the sizes range from about six to ten. The smaller the boat, the lighter it is, easy to move but can carry a few people, suitable for use as a means of personal transportation. Large boats are heavy, so they move slowly and can carry a lot of goods, so they are suitable for cargo boats.

Nowadays, the economy of the Southwest River region is growing, many families have equipped generators on boats to replace the oars. But even when there is a support machine, people always carry oars and beams to use in case the machine has problems.

Value Of Clover In Life

For the Vietnamese, the dinghy becomes an intimate part of the family. In the riverside, people without a canoe will be like having a “leg amputation”, from commuting, to work, to school, to weddings, to the hospital, etc.

The design of the dinghy with paddle tools, the way of rowing, the application of the canoe, etc. All of them create their own nuances, becoming a cultural feature of the Southwest region, also known as the river culture. country. The image of a dinghy is associated with people in the West from birth to old age.

Trefoil Model – Beautiful Spiritual Symbol of Vietnamese People

Many people who work far away from home still keep the image of a dinghy in their mind. Therefore, the display of a dinghy in the living space will make an item of spiritual value, reminding the owner of simple, simple and peaceful memories in his homeland.

The design of the dinghy is compact and simple, so when the artisans simulate them into models, it looks very neat and beautiful, the details of the canoe are handcrafted like the real thing. % of boats in reality.

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Besides the goal of displaying living and working space, you can also give a model of a dinghy to your superiors, partners, friends, customers, etc. to express your love and luxury but without being ostentatious.

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