How much does a sailboat in a bottle cost?

A Sailboat In A Bottle 4

How much does a sailboat in a bottle cost?

A sailboat in a bottle is a feng shui decorative sailboat model that many families display and decorate to attract luck and fortune. Because people believe that sailing ships will help them bring wealth home. So what types of sailboats are there in bottles? What is the selling price of this type of model? Through this article, Gia Nhien will help you answer these questions. Find out now!

The origin and construction of the sailboat in the bottle

The model of a sailing boat in a bottle is a decorative item born by the creation of model artisans under the management of Gia Nhien company in Ho Nai – a traditional handicraft wooden boat model manufacturing village. system of the Vietnamese people.
During the production of large decorative wooden boat models from the 2000s, it was found that customers had a need to choose smaller models of sailboats for convenient decoration in small spaces such as shelves, desks. , tea table, etc. Since then, artisans have created a sailboat in a bottle with compact size, sturdy design, convenient for customers to use for decorative purposes to attract feng shui as well as architecture. create aesthetic value for the exhibition space.
A Sailboat In A Bottle
A Sailboat In A Bottle

Structure of a sailboat in a bottle

Each sailboat in the bottle will have 3 main parts, including:
+ Sailboat part: are extremely finely crafted small sailboats. The size of these sailboats ranges from 10cm – 20cm. Although the overall size of the model is very small, the details on the boat such as the hull, hull, sail, mast system and mooring system are still shown sharp and true.
+ The bottle part: is a transparent glass wine bottle that wraps the outside of the sailboat.
+ The base part: is the part that holds the wine bottle containing the sailboat, helping the sailboat in the bottle to balance and stand.
To make a sailboat placed in a glass bottle while the mouth of the bottle is extremely small, the artisan needs to skillfully cut the glass bottle in half, after integrating and fixing the sailboat at 1 point. half a bottle, the other half of the glass bottle will be assembled to form a sailboat in the finished bottle. Then attach the bottle to the base.
Because of the feature that the model of a sailboat is both small and must be attached to the bottle, when making this product by manual method, it requires the craftsman to be extremely skilled, skilled, and capable. carefully and patiently. In addition, the craftsman must be a person with a creative soul and great love for the job to create sailboats in small bottles, but still exude its full beauty.
A Sailboat In A Bottle 1
A Sailboat In A Bottle 1

Sailboats in bottles

Sailboats can be divided into glass bottles or by size. Specifically:
+ If divided according to the direction of the glass bottle, the sailing boat in the bottle has 2 types: horizontal glass bottle sailboat & vertical glass bottle sailboat.
+ If divided by type of glass bottle, there are 3 types: yes: square glass bottle, round glass bottle, gourd glass wine bottle.
+ If divided by size, there are mainly the following types: 10cm long bottle boat, 15cm long bottle boat, 20cm long bottle boat, 25cm long bottle boat. The sailboat part inside the bottle will be estimated by the artisan, carefully calculated to be in harmony with the size of the bottle.
In addition to bottle boats, artisan Gia Nhien also produces boats in lamps with the same structure as bottle boats, only the difference is that instead of using a glass bottle cover, the light boat will be covered by a filament bulb. The light boat model will have a length of about 10 cm.
A Sailboat In A Bottle 2
A Sailboat In A Bottle 2

What is the selling price of sailing boats in bottles?

It can be said that the sailing boat in the bottle is one of the genuine handicrafts with the most favorable price in the series of genuine handmade wooden boat models of Gia Nhien brand – a unit with a 20-year journey. forming and developing the craft of manufacturing wooden boat models.
The price of sailboat models in bottles ranges from only 500,000 VND/piece for models with a length of 10-15 cm and prices from 950,000 VND for models with a length of 20 cm. We assess that this is a very reasonable price for a sailboat product that is 100% handmade, plus the ingenuity and mastery of the hands of talented artisans.
On the other hand, the sailboat model in the bottle is also guaranteed to be of high quality thanks to the use of strong, thick, sturdy glass. The inner part of the sailboat is made of high-grade Melaleuca wood, which is resistant to termites and warping, and is adaptable to many different environmental conditions. And Gia Nhien – the bottle boat manufacturer asserts that the product is of international quality and has now been exported to more than 42 countries around the world, committing the price to go hand in hand with the quality: “This is a handmade product. High-class fine art technology is completely different from mass goods”.
How long is the shelf life of a sailboat in a bottle on display?
The sailboat in the bottle is made from high-quality Melaleuca wood with thick, heavy-duty glass, so if it is stored in a normal environment, to avoid breakage, impact, the sailboat in the bottle will not show signs of damage. damaged, degraded.
Customers when displaying this model sailing boat just need to regularly use a cloth to wipe the surface of the glass bottle to ensure that the bottle boat will be shiny, transparent without losing aesthetics due to dust.
It can be said that when displaying a sailboat in a bottle, even after 10 years or 50 years, the boat is still as beautiful as new.
Suitable places to display sailboats in bottles to stimulate feng shui
A sailboat in a bottle is a feng shui item, meaning to bring wealth home. Therefore, homeowners should give priority to displaying this boat in the living room, especially near the main door to open up the air.
In addition, it can be placed on the desk, bookshelf, tea table, small reception table, table in the meeting room. It is possible to make use of the space in the TV shelf, the cabinets designed in the stairwell area to place the bottle boat model.
In the lobby of the building or office, place the bottle boat at the front desk, the reception area so that every customer coming to cooperate with you will always be smooth and convenient.
A Sailboat In A Bottle 3
A Sailboat In A Bottle 3
Above is the information and answers related to the sailboat model in the bottle. To see detailed products, please directly visit the showroom displaying genuine wooden boats of Gia Nhien company at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh, HCMC.
In addition, customers can also access the link to Gia Nhien’s “boat in a bottle” product group here: for more reference Another bottle boat model.
If you need detailed advice or want to order online, please contact us via hotline or chat via zalo for the most convenient order support consultant!

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