Suggestions for meaningful and luxurious Tet gifts for partners and customers

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Suggestions for meaningful and luxurious Tet gifts for partners and customers

Giving gifts on Tet holiday has become a cultural beauty of Vietnamese people. Elegant and beautiful gifts, on behalf of the giver, send good luck wishes to the recipient before the new year. Not only that, if you know how to choose a meaningful Tet gift that contains many good messages, that gift also helps you to strengthen your close relationship with your partner.
In particular, in doing business, giving Tet gifts is also very important to businesses because it shows respect, gratitude, and affection for partners and customers. At the same time, the gift will also contribute to creating good cooperation in the new year. So what gift to give luxury, meaningful, worthy of class and pleasing to customers and partners?
Soon, we will suggest you a meaningful and high-class Tet gift that all partners and customers will surely like. Check it out now so you don’t miss out on this unique idea!
Suggestions for Meaningful And Luxurious New Year Gifts For Customer Partners
Suggestions for Meaningful And Luxurious New Year Gifts For Customer Partners
Wooden boat model – Meaningful Tet gifts, bold feng shui
From time immemorial, the sailing boat has always represented the “smooth sailing – smooth sailing”. This is a very high feng shui item because it converges two elements of water and wind.
– Water comes from the fact that the boat is a means of transport under water.
– The wind comes from the sail picking up the wind to move the boat forward.
Thus, thanks to good feng shui, it has been made into a model for display, especially favored by businessmen and merchants. Because they believe that displaying sailing ships at work will create good feng shui, increase prosperity so that business will go smoothly, the boat will bring fortune to them.
Goi Y Qua Tang Tet Y Nghia Va Sang Trong Danh Cho Doi Tac Khach Hang 13Suggestions for meaningful and luxurious Tet gifts for partners and customers
Sailboat models are often displayed by businessmen in offices and meeting rooms to create good fortune and help work smoothly.
The sturdy boats, with large sails, will easily overcome the waves to dock. This is also a lucky image representing business people who will reap many good results after doing business, even if they encounter obstacles and difficulties, they will also overcome them smoothly.
Every boat that sets sail always has a destination and the bow of the boat will always move forward. Like the image of a businessman who is always aiming for a goal, ready to overcome obstacles to reach the finish line.
With the above interesting meanings, it is certain that when partners and customers receive a Tet gift that is a sailboat model from your company, they will really like and cherish this gift. The wooden sailboat model is a feng shui gift, rich in meaning, message, as well as expressing wishes: the recipient will always have smooth sailing – smooth sailing in work and life in the coming new year.
Value and class of sailboat model as gifts for Tet 2023
It can be affirmed that the sailboat model is a meaningful, high-class and valuable Tet gift for partners and customers in 2023.
Currently, the trend of displaying sailboat models is becoming popular among businessmen and merchants not only because it has feng shui value, rich in meaning, but it is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. .
The sailboat model is usually 100% handmade by skillful hands of artisans living in the traditional craft village of Ho Nai, Dong Nai. The details on each model boat are reproduced delicately, sharp, and accurate to every millimeter. The simulation ability of genuine models can be up to 95% similar to real sailing ships.
Model sailing boat is a handicraft product that has been exported internationally for 20 years
Until now, high-class handicraft products were often collected by the elite. Its expensiveness represents a different level and is not for the masses, an item that marks the results of efforts and efforts at work. Therefore, when giving this wooden boat model gift to a partner or customer, it also means that you honor them as very important people, worthy of respect and honoring their elite class.
On the other hand, this is also a very valuable gift, both in terms of cost and display value over time. Because of:
– It is made from 100% natural high-grade, durable Melaleuca wood, combining craftsmanship with a process of up to 11 steps, and it takes 10-15 days to complete 1 model.
– It is completely different from the mass gifts so far, instead it is a unique and novel gift that arouses interest for everyone.
– A wooden sailboat with high aesthetics with delicate lines, extremely soft and soulful, looks like a real boat in miniature.
Ve Dep
The beauty of genuine sailboat models can be maintained for decades
Thus, if you are looking for a meaningful Tet gift – luxury, high-class, aesthetic, and high value to send to important customers and partners, then the wooden sailboat model will completely meet your needs. strict criteria above.
The sailboat model creates a unique impression for the giver and the receiver
It’s great when choosing a sailboat model as a meaningful Tet gift, you can completely design your own imprint on the sailboat to leave a lasting impression on your partners and customers. By printing your own name, logo, message, greeting on the nameplate of the boat or sail.
Some ideas you can refer to are:
Idea 1: print the name of the partner/customer on the nameplate of the boat to show that you are passionate about the gift, and print your own name with the gift glass on the back to help them remember you longer
Idea 2: if your customers and partners are representative businesses, print their company logo on the sail
Idea 3: print meaningful messages and wishes on the occasion of Tet such as: Happy New Year 2023, everything is as you wish, prosperity and fortune, a peaceful new year, smooth sailing – smooth sailing, …
Idea 4: print your logo and company name on the sail to help the gift recipient identify and remember your company brand longer, this is a clever way of communication…

12 best meaningful wooden sailboats to give as gifts for Tet 2023

The biggest advantage of the sailboat model gift is its feng shui value. But not all model sailboats are feng shui items. As a feng shui sailing boat, it should be a boat with a good history. Therefore, to make a good impression and please customers and partners, you should choose meaningful Tet gifts that are sailing ships that have won many victories and glorious victories.
And right here, we would like to introduce to you a list of wooden sailboats with the best meaning, most suitable for giving Tet gifts to customers and partners.


1. Sovereign Of The Seas
The Sovereign Of The Seas model truly makes the most meaningful and luxurious Tet gift for the New Year of 2023 when it possesses a beautiful design and is a ship with a famous history in the UK. recorded many victories in history.
The ship is elaborately designed with a gilded stern. It is known as the “golden demon” with its mighty power when operating at sea. During its service life from 1638 to 1697, the Sovereign Of The Seas participated in many battles and brought pride to the British navy. She was also present in the early stages of the Grand Alliance War, followed by the Battle of Beachy Head (1690) and the Battle of La Hougue (1692).
In the 17th century, the Sovereign Of The Seas was the first ship in history to be flown with large sails and bold royal features, and was also the most expensive ship of the time.
Sovereign Of The Seas
Sovereign Of The Seas 
2. HMS Victory
HMS Victory is a sailboat model with the meaning of success as its name suggests. It is most suitable as a gift to celebrate the new year, representing the message of a successful new year ahead – this is an extremely lucky meaning that will bring joy to your partners and customers.
In history, HMS Victory is the ship that won many honors when it was a British 104-gun battleship of the line, launched in 1765. The ship won the victory when participating in the great battle at Trafalgar. After 1824, Victory became a port ship. In 1922, she was transferred to England and preserved as a museum ship. Today Victory remains the flagship of the Second Sea Lord and becomes the oldest naval ship still in service to this day.
Hms Victory 
3. France II
The model of the France II sailing ship will be a unique Tet gift made in the commercial business because it is a cargo sailing ship (also known as a commercial ship) owned by France. It was built by the talented shipbuilder Chantiers et Ateliers de la Gironde and was officially launched in 1912. The highlight of this ship is its elegant design and is dubbed the cargo ship with appearance. the most beautiful.
France II has a very large hull length and size, is the second largest commercial ship in the world. It is capable of carrying up to 5,644 tons. This is a beautiful ship with good feng shui in business and trade. The large sail is capable of attracting large winds to bring the boat fast on the sea.
When choosing a model of France II sailboat for decoration, this ship has both high aesthetic value and good feng shui for business people and traders, especially those operating in the field of transportation. shipping.
Therefore, when choosing France II as a gift, this is a gift that is both luxurious and beautiful, and has the effect of bringing luck and fortune to the recipient.
France II
France II
4. Christian Radich
The Christian Radich is one of the three-masted steel-hulled ships with the most beautiful design and elegant colors at Gia Nhien showroom.
In fact, this ship has an unbelievably beautiful appearance thanks to its design and construction by experienced craftsmen from Norway. Construction of the Christian Radich was carried out at the Framn shipyard in Sandefjord. And the name Christian Radich is named after the owner of this shipping line.
On June 17, 1937, Christian Radich was officially completed and handed over. The reputation of Christian Radich was growing and resounding at that time thanks to its luxurious colors, exuding the modern beauty of the times. To this day, this is still a ship with impressive beauty, attracting at first sight. The ship became known through the film Windjammer by Cinemiracle, which premiered in 1958.
The purpose of the Christian Radich was to train sailors for the Norwegian navy. Since 1999, it has participated in summer sailings, the Cutty Sark Tall and other major European sailing events. It was also the winner of the correction in 2007 and the only A-class vessel to cross the finish line.
Christian Radich sailboat will be an elegant but luxurious gift, suitable for Tet gifts with the meaning of wishing the gift recipient to win the races to become the top.
Christian Radich
Christian Radich
5. Kaiwo Maru
Kanrin Maru was Japan’s first steam warship powered by sail and screw. It was delivered in 1853 in the Netherlands and delivered to Japan on September 21, 1857. Kanrin Maru works at the Nagasaki Naval School with the goal of building knowledge of Western warship technology.
The Kanrin Maru ship is considered a representative of the advanced technology introduced from the West.
In 1860, Kanrin Maru was sent to the United States on a mission to prove to the world that Japan had mastered Western shipping techniques and technology. She and her 96 crew and captains and officers left Uraga for San Francisco.
This ship is an “ambassador” that helps connect Japan by other countries. Shows its own cohesion and strength. Therefore, Kanrin Maru will be a meaningful gift for Tet to help you tighten the bond with partners and customers.
Kaiwo Maru
Kaiwo Maru
6. Amerigo Vespucci
Amerigo Vespucci is a sailing ship of the Italian navy and named after the famous explorer Amerigo Vespucci. It was built to serve the training and training of the Italian naval forces.
Amerigo Vespucci was built in 1930, following typical 18th-century boat models, inspired by large ships containing 74 cannons. Up to now, the sailing ship Amerigo Vespucci is the ship with the longest history of the Italian navy. Every summer, this boat will cross the Mediterranean and go around Italy.
To this day, this boat is still operating in Italy. If you visit the Cinque Terre by boat from La Spezia, you can see Amerigo Vespucci in winter. Because Amerigo Vespucci usually anchors at La Spezia for warranty around this time.
When observing the appearance of Amerigo Vespucci, it can be seen that the design of the boat is very aesthetic even though this is a training ship. Choosing Amerigo Vespucci sailboat model as a Tet gift, this is an “artistic” gift with the meaning of sending enthusiastic and exciting work wishes in this new year.
Amerigo Vespucci
Amerigo Vespucci
7. Le Soleil Royal
Soleil Royal is a ship dubbed the “royal sun” with the flattest and most elaborate design of the baroque-style ships. In particular, it owns the “sun” symbol chosen by King Louis XIV as his personal symbol. Soleil Royal operates in France and is armed with 104 guns. She was built between 1668 – 1 679 and launched in 1669. After some time, she took part in the Nine Years’ War in 1688 as a flagship.
Thanks to the unique beauty of the luxurious and powerful royal style along with excellent combat activities, Soleil Royal is suitable as a high-class Tet gift. Le Soleil Royal sailboat model also has a feng shui meaning, wishing for good sailing – smooth sailing, hoping that everything will go smoothly in the coming new year.
Le Soleil Royal
Le Soleil Royal


1. Atlantic
The Atlantic large sailboat model is a realistic simulation model, up to 95% like the famous Atlantic sailing ship. The display of the Atlantic model has a high aesthetic value and at the same time, this is a boat with a large sail, so it has a very high feng shui value. Because in feng shui, the larger the sail, the better the ability to catch the wind, helping the boat to move forward quickly and smoothly to overcome the waves and successfully overcome.
Atlantic is a ship built in 1903 at the Townsend and Downey mills and designed by yacht designers William Gardner & Frederick Maxfield Hoyt.
The Atlantic boat won the record for the fastest transatlantic crossing in 1905 with a time of 12 days, 4 hours, 1 minute and 19 seconds and held the record for nearly 100 years.
It can be said that this is a boat that creates its own character thanks to its elegant beauty and fast speed on the sea. It has also become an inspiration for people to write a book.
2. Le Quy Don
Le Quy Don is a specialized training ship managed by the Vietnam People’s Navy. The name Le Quy Don of the boat comes from the name of the mandarin – poet Le Quy Don of the Le dynasty. Currently, Le Quy Don sailboat is serving training in the payroll of the training fleet of the Vietnam Naval Academy.
On February 22, 2016, Le Quy Don was officially commissioned into the fleet of practical training ships, under the management of the Vietnam Naval Academy. The ship has become a place to practice aquatic skills, seafaring skills for crews, and at the same time contribute to the development of naval and maritime exchanges with international friends.
This ship is one of the few training sailing ships of Vietnam. Therefore, many Vietnamese people choose to display Le Quy Don boat as a way to show the pride of Vietnamese people. At the same time, the ship also has the meaning of representing the rising master, constantly striving for development.
Le Quy Don sailboat model will be a meaningful Tet gift. If giving this gift to foreigners, this is also a way to introduce the beauty of Vietnamese boats to international customers and partners.
Lê Quý đôn
Lê Quý đôn
3. Bluenose II
The boat Bluenose II was built in 1963 by Sidney Culverwell Oland commissioned by Sidney Culverwell Oland. This is a boat used for advertising purposes for the Oland brewery.
In 1971, Sulney Oland gave Bluenose II to Nova Socita. The boat was then requisitioned to become a traditional ambassador and was fitted with advertising equipment to promote Nova Scotia’s tourism industry.
It can be seen that this is a sailing boat with the meaning of connection, which is too suitable as a gift to connect you with customers and partners on Tet this year.
Bluenose Ii
Bluenose II
4. Endeavor
The Endeavor sailboat is one of the most beautiful traditional sailing ships of the J-Class line. This is a racing boat with the most impressive design in the UK. The goal of building this boat is for the Ameria Cup regatta.
The boat was built in 1934 by boat builder Thomas Sopwith. The boat is equipped with a lot of advanced equipment, especially with a lift machine below the deck. The newly designed sail part, very large, is a modern three-panel sail. Therefore, when displayed as a model, the boat is very suitable for printing greetings or slogans.
The large sailboat model Endeavor is very elaborately designed. The artisan modeler has calculated in great detail to make the micro-parts and then skillfully assemble to get a complete large sailboat, up to 90% similar to the real boat. The sail part looks very soulful and the specification is really similar to the actual Endeavor version.
The Endeavor model sailboat gift will be an excellent decorative boat, it will help the display space become more delicate and elegant but no less stylish and unique. This Tet gift will help you score points and make a strong impression on your partners, customers.
5. Eleonora westward
Eleonora is a sailing ship built at the Van der Graaf shipyard in the Netherlands, launched in March 2000. The ship’s homeland is London, United Kingdom.
The boat has successfully participated in several classic sailing races and hosted a number of famous guests. The Eleonora’s beauty is reflected in the astonishing beauty of its sails, its slender hull moving across the sea creating a cut across the sea, an elegant combination of beauty and strength.
The gift of Eleonora sailing boat is a symbol of outstanding and modern beauty. In addition to the aesthetic value, this is also a large sailboat that brings feng shui and prosperity to the owner. Therefore, choose Eleonora as a gift for Tet 2023 when you want to impress with a high-class gift with beauty that attracts the eye at first sight.
Eleonora Westward
Eleonora Westward
In addition to the standard sizes of the models above, depending on the needs of the display, you can order a custom-sized sailboat model. It takes 15-20 days for model artisans to make a custom model, so you need to plan to order early to have the gift delivered to the recipient during Tet.

Buy a sailboat model as a genuine meaningful New Year gift at Gia Nhien – Committed to the best quality

The Tet gift that you send to your partner, the customer will represent your brand and the “face” of your company. Therefore, absolutely do not choose a gift in a sketchy way, but be careful, meticulous in every detail, focusing on the quality and elegance of the gift to help your brand make the best impression. When choosing a sailboat model to make meaningful Tet gifts is no exception.
Currently, on the Vietnamese market, there are many places selling wooden boat models with many different materials at different prices. But really high-quality wooden boat model products are genuine models produced by artisans who make models in Ho Nai – Dong Nai. Typically a team of artisans under the management of Gia Nhien company.
These artisans were the first to learn the craft of model making from a priest returning from the west in the 70s of the 20th century. They hold up to 50 years of experience in making wooden boat models. Handcrafted, to be able to manipulate delicate and precise lines, drop the soul into your work.
Gia Nhien Co., Ltd – The unit that directly manufactures and distributes wooden boat models
The industry of making wooden boat models in Ho Nai is growing day by day and a son of this land has gathered together model makers to establish Gia Nhien Co., Ltd. since 2004. Since then. , Gia Nhien became the strongest and most prestigious genuine model factory in Ho Nai, pioneering high-class product quality and building international standard brands.
The person who founded the Gia Nhien wooden boat model brand is Mr. Tran Hoai Huu – a person who has spent nearly 30 years devoted to researching and developing a strong traditional Ho Nai model-making profession, bringing fine art products. Vietnam stands firmly in the international market.
Until now, Gia Nhien has owned its own handmade model workshop with an area of ​​more than 2,000m2, each year supplying to the market about 100,000 models of various sizes and designs. Genuine model products of Gia Nhien brand have been exported to more than 42 countries around the world and are the leading prestigious model brand in Vietnam.

What do customers say about Gia Nhien wooden boat model?

+ Quality: Gia Nhien model is made from the best wood materials such as melaleuca, cedar, oak, etc., so the color of the model has a natural beauty like real, beautiful for a long time, no warping, termites.
+ Production process: Gia Nhien model maker is very professional, observing the bright and smooth coating outside shows that the worker has meticulously grinded and painted many layers to create such a beautiful surface.
+ Skill: Artisan Gia Nhien is very talented, they can even make fictional wooden boat models in the movies. At the same time, it is possible to make a model just through a photo provided by the customer.
+ Product aesthetics: the details on the model are realistically simulated, thanks to hand-made, the lines are very sharp and neat, up to 95% similar to the model drawings.
+ Brand reputation: Gia Nhien creates peace of mind about prestige for customers by always attaching genuine certificates and warranties to Gia Nhien products.
+ Price: Gia Nhien is a unit that both produces at the factory and distributes directly, so the price here is always the best. Gia Nhien is also a unit that can commit to product quality with price.
+ Warranty: Gia Nhien applies a 6-month warranty on manufacturing defects for all genuine Gia Nhien model products.
+ Packing: How to pack the 3-layer model with the boat’s foam layer, the shockproof sack and the carton layer. This is the way to pack the goods to meet international shipping standards.
+ Additional values: Gia Nhien supports customers to print greeting cards + boat history for gift recipients if requested by customers.
+ Delivery: fast delivery domestically and internationally.

Gia Nhien’s policies apply to gift orders for Tet holiday 2023

Gia Nhien is ready to receive wholesale and retail model orders as gifts on the occasion of Tet 2023.
When customers order genuine Gia Nhien models, we will have the following cases:
– Wooden boat model products are available at Gia Nhien showroom: Gia Nhien will pack and deliver nationwide only from 1-5 days, international delivery about 15 days
– Wooden boat model products need to be printed with name/logo/slogan on the boat: Gia Nhien will design and process within 3-4 days, then pack and deliver nationwide within 5 days, international delivery about 15 days
– Custom-made wooden boat model products on request: Gia Nhien will make detailed drawings according to the boat model and size the customer wants, then handcrafted within 30-45 days.

Preferential pricing policy for individuals/businesses who order large quantities of wooden boat models:

Customers who buy model sailboats as meaningful Tet gifts from 10 units or more (or 30 million VND or more) will enjoy wholesale prices. To get detailed information about the wholesale price of Gia Nhien models, please choose the model name and model size so that Gia Nhien’s consultants can quote the fastest and most accurate price.
In addition to the good price when buying in bulk, individuals / businesses will also enjoy discounts from Gia Nhien such as:
– Customers who buy from an order of 30 million or more: 3% discount on the original price
– Customers who buy orders of 50 million VND or more: get 2 million VND in cash
– Customers who buy orders of 100 million or more: get 1 gold coin right away
– Customers recommend to acquaintances to order at Gia Nhien: 5% discount on the original price

Visit Gia Nhien’s craft model workshop and wooden boat showroom

Gia Nhien understands that it is extremely important to choose meaningful and valuable Tet gifts to give to partners and customers, because it represents the image of the giver. Therefore, to give customers absolute peace of mind before making a decision to choose Gia Nhien as a distributor of wooden boat models, we would like to invite you to visit our handmade model workshop in Ho Nai – Dong Nai.
Here, you can see with your own eyes the process of hand-crafted model making by Gia Nhien’s team of artisans. As well as verifying the workmanship of the workers, the materials to make the model, the quality of the finished product is as committed and described by Gia Nhien. After that, you can rest assured and believe that choosing Gia Nhien is a wise decision.
In addition, Gia Nhien now has a showroom displaying hundreds of wooden boat models available in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Specifically, customers are cordially invited to visit Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom at: 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City to visit and see directly the models most liked by businessmen. You can buy directly from the showroom when needed.
Gia Nhien is ready to bring you the most meaningful, luxurious – classy – unique Tet gifts for the new year 2023. What are you waiting for, call us immediately for advice and supply. Full of beautiful feng shui sailboat models to make a strong impression on partners and customers on this year’s Tet holiday.
Gia Nhien is sure to provide professional support and bring you experiences that make you happy!

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