History of Yamato

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History of Yamato – Model of Japanese battleship

Yamato is a model battleship that is loved by many model collectors. This is a famous military ship in Japan. What is interesting about this ship? This article will introduce you to the history of the Yamato train as well as detailed pictures of this wooden model. Surely this if you are a fan of military models should not be missed!

About the Yamato train

The Yamato was a battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy built during World War II, and operated as the flagship of the Japanese Combined Fleet. The name of this warship is named after a land of Japan – now Nara Prefecture. Yamato was also the lead ship of the class of battleships of the same name.
Yamato is one of the largest and heaviest battleships built to date. It has a displacement of up to 73,100 tons. The ship is equipped with a main array of 9 cannons (caliber 460mm). Yamato’s fighting power is so great, it is capable of defeating any other battleship in a one-on-one battle. However, Yamato seems to be somewhat outdated when the aircraft carriers appear. The cost to build a Yamato ship is 2.5 times higher than the cost of building an airplane. Meanwhile, aircraft carriers are capable of fighting at longer distances.
Yamato Gia Nhien- History of Yamato

Operation of the Yamato

The ship Yamato was built from 1937 to 1940. The ship was officially put into operation at the end of 1941 under the role of flagship under the management of Admiral Isoruko Yamamoto. During the Battle of Midway (June 1942), this ship also participated and became part of the Japanese combined fleet. During 1943, the ship Yamato sailed continuously between Truk, Brunei, and Kure bases to defend against American air raids to protect the island’s bases.
Yamato had the only firing operation to knock down enemy warships while participating in the battle off Samar in October 1944. She then had to retreat as she was attacked by destroyers and carrier planes.
During the tengo operation in April 1945, the battleship Yamato was sunk, and it became the largest warship sunk during the war.

Design of the battleship Yamato

The Yamato ship possesses the leading design in the class of heavy battleships. The unit responsible for the design of this ship is the Japanese cricket navy.
The original goal of the design of this battleship was to use it to engage multiple enemy targets at the same time. This is an effective compensation solution in the context that Japan’s industry is much weaker than the US navy. The details on the ship are carefully designed, ensuring a displacement of over 70,000 tons. The ship’s builders had hoped that the powerful firepower of the battleship Yamato would be built to compensate for its industrial prowess.
The keel of the battleship Yamato was laid down at Kure Naval Arsenal on November 4, 1937 in a separate drydock. The shipbuilders used large canvases to stretch to prevent all views from all sides during construction. Yamato is a ship designed with a huge size, so when it was built, cranes that could lift 150-350 tons were used, and people had to build these cranes separately. After completion, Yamato was officially launched on August 8, 1940 under the direction of Captain Miyazato Shutoku.
Yamato 3-History of Yamato
Yamato 3

Weapons equipped on battleship Yamato

On board the Yamato ship is equipped with a main array of 9 460mm naval guns. This is the largest caliber of the warship with a length of 21.13 m, a weight of 147.3 tons, which can fire fragmentation or armor-piercing projectiles with a distance of up to 42 km. In addition, the ship also has a second-class artillery system consisting of 15 155 mm guns arranged in 4 triple-barreled turrets, and 12 127 mm guns arranged in 6 double-barreled turrets.
In addition, Yamato is also equipped with 24 additional 25mm anti-aircraft guns in the midship area. In 1944, this warship continued to be refitted, it changed its 2nd class configuration to 6 155 mm guns, 24 127 mm guns and 162 25 mm anti-aircraft guns to serve the war. combat operations in the South Pacific region.

Model of Yamato ship – Realistic simulation of battleship in history

It can be said that Yamato is one of the most powerful battleships ever designed, representing Japan’s great fighting power, ingenuity in battle. To this day, there are still many people who love to collect Yamato military models because they love the great design of this battleship. It is often displayed to decorate the office, living room, … both for decorative purposes and to satisfy the hobby of collecting ship models of some customers.
The Yamato train model is usually designed as a realistic simulation of up to 95% of the real ship, according to the scale of extremely detailed and elaborate miniature drawings. The artisans make the model 100% handmade and take hundreds of hours to complete it. The details mounted on the model such as artillery, auxiliary boats, guns, bullets, etc. are all faithfully reproduced.
Below is a detailed picture of the genuine Yamato ship model built by Gia Nhien artisans – the most luxurious wooden boat model brand in Vietnam with a development process of more than 20 years and exported to Vietnam. More than 42 countries in the world, invite you to consult.
Yamato In History-History of Yamato
Yamato In History

Model Information

Yamato Gia Nhien.png 1
– Dimensions: Length 120 x Width 19 x Height 35 (cm)
– Product details link: https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/yamato/
In addition, if you have a need to order a Yamato battleship according to your own size (larger or smaller than the available size), you can directly contact Gia Nhien company for support, advice and order. Each custom model will be completed within 1-2 months, committed to bringing a beautiful standard model like the real version.
You can visit Gia Nhien showroom at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City to directly verify the quality of the Yamato train model!

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