Find out the top 5 meaningful gifts for businesses

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Find out the top 5 meaningful gifts for businesses

Feng shui gifts are a great shortcut to expand cooperative relationships with business partners. Businesses often attach great importance to the element of feng shui – one of the meaningful gifts that becomes precious and adds intimacy between the giver and the receiver. If you are looking for a feng shui gift to give your boss, then read through the following article with Gia Nhien.

1. Sailboat model:

Sailboat gifts are a meaningful and unique housewarming gift. It can be said that this is a housewarming gift that is much more valuable than other gifts. In feng shui, the sailboat model is considered a symbol of success in business. It symbolizes wind, helping to bring good business deals and reap lots of profits. It is also a carrier of fortune to bring fortune into the house. Therefore, the sailboat model is very popular with business people.
Sailboat gifts are not only delicate decorative items, but also good luck wishes, all happiness, smooth sailing; Very suitable as a housewarming gift for everyone.

Model-Find out the top 5 meaningful gifts for businesses

2. Successful unique painting:

For successful entrepreneurs, it is a wish of luck and success, especially it also means “speed of victory”. Thanks to that, this line of paintings became popular, known by many people and chosen as gifts for customers, partners, gift sets, grand opening, housewarming, groundbreaking, events, anniversary gifts… like a wish of good luck and fortune.

3. Wooden clock:

The wooden wall clock is a symbol of peace and happiness. Therefore, it is not surprising that most agencies and businesses use wall clocks as Tet gifts for customers, employees or partners of the company / business during Tet, the anniversary of the establishment of the company. company, wedding gift. It carries the meaning of care and unchanging attachment between the giver’s and the recipient’s affection.

4. Carp painting:

The paintings of carp are not only decorative, but they also have the effect of regulating vitality, bringing fortune and physical health to the family. In addition, feng shui horoscope fish paintings can shake off evil spirits and drive away. Carp is the leading feng shui item that has the effect of praying for children. According to folklore, hanging pictures of carp in the house soon give birth to a son, because carp lay many eggs. Therefore, the carp symbol is used to wish for children and grandchildren to study and pass exams.

5. Feng shui sailboat:

Activate money and fortune, bring convenience and happiness in work, make life peaceful and have a lot of luck, when facing difficulties, it will be easy to overcome. Having this item in your home, company right at your desk, you will have many favorable and smooth things, do everything smoothly and achieve high results. That’s why business owners are very fond of choosing sailboat models as gifts for partners and customers during Tet and Grand Opening.

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