Beautiful Wooden Shipping Model 1

Beautiful wooden sailboat models are sailboat models made from good wood, ensuring the aesthetic features and durability of the model. Here, Gia Gia will introduce to you the wood material that we use to make the best models on the market. Check it out now!

Beautiful Wooden Shipping Model
Beautiful Wooden Shipping Model

The Role Of Wood Material In Creating A Beautiful Wooden Sailboat Model

It can be said that wood is the most important part of a wooden boat model because this is the main material to make the model. What kind of wood is used to make the model will also determine the price of the product, the better the wood, the more beautiful the model, the more expensive it is.

In the market, models of sailboats often have different prices. The difference in price between products of the same design is due to the wood material used to make it. Besides, there are other factors about brand, workmanship, etc.

The use of good woods while making wooden boat models is considered a top priority because:

+ Good wood will have an extremely natural color, creating the most realistic and accurate models compared to the actual wooden boat.

+ When using good wood, it will be easier to sculpt small details on the boat, limiting the situation of wood breakage.

+ Using good wood to make the boat body, when painted, the surface will be very smooth, not rough, ensuring the highest aesthetics.

+ Good wood will help the model not to warp, limit termites, maintain stability to prolong the display life for decades.

What Kind of Wood Is Beautiful Wooden Sailboat Model Of Gia Nhien Made Of ?

Gia Nhien confidently asserts in the market that it is the number 1 brand of handmade beautiful wooden sailboat models in Vietnam. We always select the best wood to create quintessential products, focusing on product quality as the core.

Specifically, the most popular material chosen by artisan Gia Nhien to make wooden sailboat models is Melaleuca wood. This is one of the top 4 rare woods in Vietnam, the trunk needs to wait up to 13 years to exploit for model production purposes.

The diameter of the melaleuca tree trunk is large, with a bright and attractive yellow color. This type of wood has the advantage of being solid, large in weight, low in defects, without worrying about termites, warping, water absorption, chipping during use even without modern processing technology.

Besides the key factor is the wood material, in order to improve the quality of each wooden sailboat model, Gia Nhien also uses the best paint to decorate the product. This coating helps the model to both achieve high aesthetics and increase the effectiveness of water and termite resistance for the model for decades.

In addition to the main material of Melaleuca wood, Gia Nhien also uses agarwood for the production of high-class wooden boat models. This is a very precious, beautiful and better wood than Melaleuca, so the cost of this material is extremely expensive. We usually use this wood to make custom models according to customers’ requirements. Therefore, if customers have a need to order a beautiful wooden sailboat model according to their own design, please contact Gia Nhien for the best advice and support.

Gia Nhien’s Warranty Policy

As a reputable brand for a long time in the field of manufacturing and distributing beautiful wooden sailboat models in the Vietnamese and international markets, Gia Nhien always maintains its style in maintaining quality and upgrading product value. . One of the factors that shows that is thanks to Gia Nhien’s warranty policy.

We will apply a 6-month warranty for the following cases:

+ Products are cracked, termites, warped due to product defects or manufacturing defects.

+ In other specific cases as prescribed by the company.

At the same time, Gia Nhien is always willing to support customers to return products if the model is damaged or faulty due to manufacturing techniques when it is delivered to the customer. Or in case the customer uses the model for a long time and unfortunately is degraded or damaged, Gia Nhien can support to receive the model back from the customer for repair and restoration.

To feel the most authentic material, quality, and value of the beautiful wooden sailboat models of Gia Nhien company, we invite customers to come directly to Gia Nhien showroom address at 168/ 32 Nguyen Gia Tri, ward 25, Binh Thanh district to visit and choose the right products according to your needs.

Gia Nhien showroom has more than 1,000 models of wooden boat models and other sub-models such as boat paintings, clocks, vehicles, wall paintings, wooden statues, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact the hotline immediately, Gia Nhien’s consulting department is ready to support you!

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