Model display cabinet – Get glass cabinet design on request

Gia Nhien Model Display Cabinet Is Designed According To Model Size 1

Model display cabinet – Get glass cabinet design on request

The model display cabinet is the solution to protect your beloved models from dirt, the risk of falling the model. As model collectors, take care to protect the model through a custom cabinet, especially the expensive, rare, and perishable models.

Right here, let’s learn about model display cabinets and custom glass cabinet design services right away!

Model display cabinet – Safe and aesthetically pleasing model decoration

Model display cabinets are cabinets designed to match the size of the model. Through it, the model owner can place the model inside the cabinet and close it for purposes such as:

+ Limit dust and dirt from sticking to the model during display, keeping the model fresh and clean.

+ Prevent the intrusion, attack and destruction of insects and animals on the model such as cockroaches, ants, mice, …

+ Limit the impact, drop when displaying the model to make the model durable. + Extend the life of the model, avoid damage to the assembly parts of the model as well as limit its color mixing.

+ Convenient for moving, moving the model from one location to another without affecting the quality of the model.

Gia Nhien Model Display Cabinet Is Designed According To Model Size-Model display cabinet – Get glass cabinet design on request
Gia Nhien Model Display Cabinet Is Designed According To Model Size

The model display cabinets are designed in the form of transparent glass cabinets so that when the model is placed inside, you can still see the model’s shape through this glass, while ensuring the aesthetics. while helping to keep the model safe during the process.

Models should be stored in a model display cabinet

Most model types often have many intricate details, such as house models, airplane models, car models, sailboat models, wooden boat models, musical instrument models, etc.

Displaying The Model In A Glass Cabinet Will Ensure The Aesthetics And Durability Of The Model-Model display cabinet – Get glass cabinet design on request
Displaying The Model In A Glass Cabinet Will Ensure The Aesthetics And Durability Of The Model

If the models have to be assembled by themselves, it requires a whole process with a lot of effort and time for the owner to complete it. Therefore, to protect those valuable achievements and collectibles, it is advisable to store them in model display cabinets right from the time of purchase of models or just finishing them.

For models with large to very large sizes, displaying models in cabinets will sometimes be quite inconvenient. Therefore, you can consider using sturdy tables/shelves to place the model on, the right design with the right color will also help increase the selling point of your model.

The most popular model display cabinets

At Gia Nhien, you will have access to the most popular model display cabinet, which is an iron frame model display cabinet with glass.

Depending on the size of the model, you can buy a suitable glass cabinet. Or in case your model is not the right size for the available glass cabinets, Gia Nhien will design its own glass cabinet with the size you provide to be ready to meet the display needs effectively. most fruitful.

Besides, Gia Nhien’s display cabinet design service also provides a table base so that you can put the model glass cabinet on it, suitable for displaying large models, or model display models. at a certain height.

Similar to the model showcase, the table base is also available in several sizes. If you have a need to make your own size table base, just order with Gia Nhien’s design service for immediate support.

Some sizes of glass cabinets displaying popular models Gia Nhien have such as:

Length 95 x Width 35 x Height 38(cm)

Length 115 x Width 24 x Height 45 (cm)

Length 140 x Width 48 x Height 61(cm)

Length 190 x Width 60 x Height 79(cm)

Table legs have popular sizes such as:

Length 100 x Width 39 x Height 75 (cm)

Length 117 x Width 39 x Height 80 (cm)

Length 190 x Width 60 x Height 79 (cm)

Production time and packaging of model display cabinets

For existing model display cabinets, Gia Nhien company will deliver to customers’ places in just 3-5 days. Or customers can directly join Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City to buy immediately.

In case customers order display cabinets or table legs according to their own size, Gia Nhien’s factory will take 7-10 days to produce, then deliver to customers.

Small Glass Cabinet Model For Smaller Models - Model display cabinet – Get glass cabinet design on request
Small Glass Cabinet Model For Smaller Models

Regarding the packaging, Gia Nhien will wrap the cabinet with foam and add shockproof nylon, then pack it in cartons for delivery to customers. This is the way to pack goods according to international shipping standards, ensuring the safety of the package during the move.

Thus, customers can buy model display cabinets immediately or through Gia Nhien’s display cabinet design service to best protect the models that you have painstakingly collected and assembled.

Any questions that need to be answered, please contact the hotline of Gia Nhien Company for a consultant to support immediately!


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