High-class gift design service – A distinctive mark of your business

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High-class gift design service – A distinctive mark of your business

High-class gift design service – A distinctive mark of your business

The moment your business needs to find a luxurious gift for important people on special occasions, look to Gia Nhien’s high-class gift design service to show off the distinctive mark of your business .

Gia Nhien’s gift design specialists are ready to create exquisite, classy gifts that meet multiple criteria and increase the bond between your business and important people through gifts.

1. What occasions is Gia Nhien’s premium gift design service suitable for?

High-class gift design is a service specially invested by Gia Nhien, with the aim of creating unique, delicate and meticulous gifts. Focusing on beauty, luxury, quality, ensuring sustainability for a long time

Custom-designed high-end gifts will bring your own unique imprints to your business, creating a unique and exclusive way for the gift recipient to remember you in an impressive and unforgettable way. The message of these tailor-made luxury gifts is to make a strong impression on the recipient, so that the gift becomes a bridge, promoting the relationship of identification, cooperation and cohesion of the parties.

Accordingly, individually designed gifts will be suitable for giving to important figures for the business such as: leaders, partners, customers, conference guests, etc. on important occasions such as:

– TET holiday

– Promotion events, receive awards

– Opening office/store/company

– Anniversary

– Birthday

– Conferences, big events

– Prizes in competitions …

2. Features of Gia Nhien’s premium gift design service

Gia Nhien’s senior gift designers are experienced people and have spent a lot of time focusing on researching this gift segment. They will listen and understand the needs and ideas of customers. From there, we create new designed gift samples that fully express the message and meaning to help the recipient feel welcome and appreciate the giver.

Gia Nhien’s high-class gift design service specializes in providing high-class gifts from wooden products. All are produced by good materials, really valuable thanks to the traditional craftsmanship of 50-year-experienced artisans, realizing the goal of creating a sustainable, meaningful gift.

In particular, Gia Nhien also applies a gift warranty policy through the attached warranty card so that the gift recipient can easily guarantee the product in case of unexpected problems. At the same time, the solemn value of the gift lies in the gift brand when Gia Nhien is the No. 1 prestigious 20-year-old wooden boat model brand in Vietnam, providing a full certificate of authenticity for each product. Products.

3. Some of the best designed gifts – Create an exclusive mark for your business

Gia Nhien is a unit specializing in designing high-class gifts from wood, and the most popular are wooden boat models and wooden boat paintings. Based on this, customers can choose to design all kinds of boat models and wooden paintings with optional details to create a high-class gift product exclusively for your business.

3.1 Model of a wooden boat – Gifts with good sails and winds

The sailboat model itself is the number 1 luxury designer gift on the market today. It is both a solemn gift, valuable, and contains a good meaning. Specifically:

– Boats and sailboats are images very close to business people. The ships and boats operating on the sea like the image of businessmen on the market, bravely overcoming the waves and waves will successfully land and reap the results.

– Ships, boats also represent the leading, moving forward.

– In terms of feng shui, sailing boats are items with feng shui elements thanks to the convergence of wind (wind blowing into the sail) and water (sea water).

– The product has high spiritual value thanks to its fine craftsmanship and high difficulty in production. Each model ship, boat is made extremely elaborate.

– This is a gift of high value when made from good wood – high quality and expensive material.

In the gift group of wooden boats, Gia Nhien has more than 1,000 models with all sizes and functions to serve the needs of customers. Includes groups:

+ Ancient sailing boat

+ Traditional boat

+ Commercial ships

+ Cruise ship

+ Modern yachts

+ Ships, warships

+ Boat with lights

+ Speedboat racing

+ Fictional ships

+ Custom-designed boats on request

These models of boats will be used to display, decorate, create a harmony of feng shui to create an aesthetic space, attract prosperity and fortune. When becoming a gift, it will carry the message that the meaningful wishes “sail and wind” that the gift giver sends to the recipient.

With this high-class gift, customers can optionally choose the right size and model to display at the table, cabinet, bookcase, office, front desk, etc. To suit their needs.

In addition, to create your own signature for the gift, you can:

– Print greetings on the sails

– Print your business logo on the sail

– Give the boat its own name in the name plate

– Attach the name of your business, the name of the gift giver/recipient at the base

– Redesign the part name/printed content on the hull

– Change the color of the hull of the boat, … Gia Nhien commits to:

– Boat model products are carefully designed, meticulously made from good wood, based on the structure of real boats, described up to 95% of the real boat version. – 100% handmade process from artisans, genuine 6 months warranty.

– Send a thorough demo to the customer before implementation, ensuring the final product and version meet the customer’s requirements.

3.2 Boat painting – Gift of success

Besides the simulated version of the ship and boat model, Gia Nhien also designs high-class gifts in the form of wooden boat paintings.

The boat painting here is not like the pictures drawn from color paint but the image of the boat will be reproduced in the picture through wooden puzzle pieces. When touching you will feel the boat floating on the surface, which is a slice of half of the boat.

The meaning of a picture boat when making a gift is to send a wish for success to the recipient. When a picture of a boat is hung on the wall of the office, this image will help us think of the boat carrying money to the owner. And the owner of that room is like a wise captain who knows how to skillfully lead his boat to be sustainable to grow up.

Gia Nhien has boat painting designs with 2 main types: square and rectangular, in which rectangular boat pages are more popular. The models of boats shown on the paintings are extremely diverse, from sailing boats, fishing boats, tourist boats, commercial boats, oil tankers, modern yachts, etc. Depending on the type of boat the customer wants, Gia Nhien will design them. Design a picture of a wooden boat as you like.

Like wooden boat models, in the type of boat painting gifts, customers can also choose to create exclusive details to make their own mark for this gift such as:

+ Print company logo on the corner of the picture

+ Attach a table of content showing the name of the giver/recipient on the corner of the picture

+ Attach a separate name tag for the picture + Print wishes on the picture, …

3.3 Other types of wooden models

Gia Nhien also accepts high-end gift design with other models such as: cars, motorcycles, airplanes, musical instruments, military logos, wooden puzzles, etc. For customers to have more choices for gifts whose characteristics are closest and most relevant to the recipient. Depending on the gift giving situation, you can refer to some suggestions such as:

– Donating cars and motorbikes to car dealers

– Donate airplanes to people working in the aviation and air transport industry

– Giving military logos to people working in the military industry

– Giving musical instruments to people who work in music and composing

– Giving wooden puzzles to people working in the education industry, …

You can refer to the details of high-end design model gifts here: https://thuyengovn.com/danh-muc/mo-to-tranh-ghep-go/

4. The process of using Gia Nhien’s premium gift design service

The following is the process of serving Gia Nhien’s high-end gift design needs for customers:

Step 1: Receive customers’ demand to order high-end designer gifts via hotline or zalo. Our consultants will ask some questions and then provide detailed advice to help customers choose the right gift design for the purpose of giving gifts/receiving gifts.

Step 2: Send customers high-end designs for customers to choose the model, size, color, etc. After the customer closes the sample, Gia Nhien artisans will start to practice.

Step 3: Start making the gift, for designs that need to be fixed in detail, it will take 2-5 days to make. For new designs it takes about 15 days.

Step 4: Send the image of the finished product to the customer to see and confirm, if further editing is needed, Gia Nhien will proceed to edit it until the customer is satisfied. Only then will the goods be sent to you.

Above is information about Gia Nhien’s premium gift design services. If you have a need to find really impressive, valuable and sustainable gifts, let Gia Nhien help you make the best choices, guaranteed to bring you prestige and pride in the gift .

For detailed advice and answers from Gia Nhien, please contact and connect with us via hotline right away!




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