Brand Gia Nhiên Wooden Boat Models participating in VIFA ASEAN 2023 Expo

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Following the resounding success of the VIFA ASEAN Expo – Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair in March 2023, the Gia Nhiên Wooden Boat Models Showroom will continue to participate in the upcoming series of events, the VIFA ASEAN 2023 Expo – Leading Autumn Furniture Export Fair in the Region, taking place from August 29th to September 1st, 2023.
This edition of the VIFA ASEAN 2023 Expo will be organized under the theme “Where Southeast Asian Furniture Converges,” with the participation of an estimated 350 domestic and international manufacturers and processors of wood furniture and handicrafts for export. The exhibition showrooms will cover an area of over 20,000 square meters, comprising more than 1,400 booths. Among them, the Gia Nhiên showroom is honored to participate in the event with 02 booths located at positions AC-84 and AC-85.
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Coming to this exhibition, the Gia Nhiên Wooden Boat Models Showroom desires to accompany the VIFA ASEAN 2023 organizing committee in building a representative furniture fair for the Southeast Asian region, contributing to making Ho Chi Minh City a center for furniture and interior design in the region and internationally.

Why should visitors stop by the Gia Nhiên Wooden Boat Models booth at VIFA ASEAN 2023?

Here, Gia Nhiên takes pride in showcasing our strengths in producing handmade, artistic wooden boat models and exporting them to countries worldwide. Visitors to our showroom at this fair will:
– Enjoy a direct 20% discount on the listed price when placing a deposit to purchase genuine Gia Nhiên wooden boat models at our booth.
– Have a chance to win prizes through a lucky draw, including the opportunity to receive a free authentic Gia Nhiên wooden boat model (even without making a purchase).
– Witness and verify the craftsmanship and quality of the wooden boat models entirely handcrafted by skilled artisans with nearly 50 years of experience, with up to 95% resemblance to real ships and boats.
– Explore over 1,000 boat and ship model designs, featuring various sizes, colors, and types such as warships, vintage boats, feng shui sailing ships, commercial vessels, oil tankers, racing boats, leisure yachts, modern boats, and more.
– Receive detailed and accurate consultations from specialized experts regarding the different types of wooden boat and ship models.
– Take souvenir photos at our booth, explore and share experiences about the displayed boat and ship models.
The Gia Nhiên Wooden Boat Models Showroom is looking forward to welcoming all visitors and providing them with an enriching experience at the VIFA ASEAN 2023 Expo.

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Moreover, business customers and individuals seeking high-quality handicraft products at favorable wholesale prices can explore and collaborate with Gia Nhiên Company in the future to elevate the art of wooden boat models to international heights.
Furthermore, corporate clients can delve deeper into the world of wooden boat models, considering them as meaningful gifts to transform into luxurious, prestigious, environmentally-friendly corporate gifts, carrying profound significance for the time ahead.

wooden model ships

Besides, during the VIFA ASEAN 2023 Expo, apart from visiting the Gia Nhiên Wooden Boat Models booth, customers can also explore a diverse range of other booths at the fair, featuring various interior and exterior furniture made from wood, such as sofas, tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, shelves, and more. Additionally, there will be a selection of exquisite handicraft products for decoration, including lacquerware, ceramics, bamboo and rattan items, carpets, and woven products.




The distinctive feature of the VIFA ASEAN 2023 Expo is its simultaneous occurrence alongside other leading furniture fairs in Asia, such as:
+ KOFURN – Korea International Furniture & Interior Fair (August 24 – 27)
+ VIFA ASEAN – Vietnam International Furniture & Handicraft Export Fair ASEAN (August 29 – September 1)
+ CIFF Shanghai – China International Furniture Fair Shanghai (September 5 – 8)
+ Maison Shanghai – Shanghai International Home Furnishings and Accessories Fair (September 11 – 14)
+ Furniture China – China International Furniture Expo (September 11 – 15)
+ IFFINA – Indonesia International Furniture Expo (September 14 – 17).
This event is one of the most reputable international furniture and handicraft fairs in the Southeast Asian region, promising to meet the demands of shopping and sourcing for high-quality furniture and handicrafts for both business and individual customers in the region.

Brief summary of Gia Nhiên Wooden Boat Models Booth at VIFA ASEAN 2023

– Duration: August 29 – September 1, 2023
– Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
– Booth Numbers: AC-84, AC-85
– Admission: Free
– Special Offers:
+ 20% discount on listed prices for all genuine Gia Nhiên wooden boat models
+ Participate in a lucky draw for a chance to win a free handmade wooden boat model.
– Stay updated on Gia Nhiên Wooden Boat Models’ booth through their Fanpage: Mô hình thuyền gỗ Gia Nhiên
The Gia Nhiên Wooden Boat Models Showroom is delighted to welcome visitors to their booth at this event. For any inquiries, please contact the hotline 028 35 116 651 – 0906 646 651 for assistance.
Please note that during the event, if customers have difficulties locating the Gia Nhiên booth at VIFA ASEAN, they can contact the hotline to receive the most attentive guidance and assistance.
Best regards and looking forward to meeting you!
Here are some compiled images of the Gia Nhiên Wooden Boat Models booth at the VIFA EXPO event in March 2023.










wooden boat models

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