High-class Tet gifts for bosses, customers, big partners

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High-class Tet gifts for bosses, customers, big partners

At the end of the year, businesses often have a tradition of giving gifts to bosses and big customers and partners to show respect, cohesion, and create better relationships in the new year. But how to choose a high-class, luxurious, unique Tet gift, different from the old year and less duplicated with the market?
This article will give you a good suggestion about high-class Tet gifts suitable for giving to important people on Tet holiday.

Which high-end Tet gift won the hearts of bosses, customers, and big partners?

It is a fact that choosing year-end Tet gifts to give to bosses, big partners, and big customers seems to have become a common practice and indispensable in the business world. This gift is not only a formality, but it also represents the respect and love of the sender to the recipient.
The more beautiful, meaningful, and valuable the gift is, the more sympathy it will win from bosses, customers, and big partners. This will help a lot for the mutual support and cooperation in the coming new year. Therefore, choosing Tet gifts for bosses, customers and big partners must always prioritize choosing high-class, new, luxurious and meaningful Tet gifts.
High-class Tet gifts for bosses, customers, big partners
The wooden sailboat model is a feng shui gift, suitable as a respectful gift for high-class people
On the other hand, gifts that are too ordinary and repetitive will cause boredom. If the recipient keeps receiving the same gift over and over again or the gift does not have much value, they will not be very pleased, nor will they feel the sincerity and enthusiasm of the giver. To avoid making these mistakes, choose a high-class Tet gift from Gia Nhien brand – that is the model of feng shui sailboat – the number 1 high-class fine art product in Vietnam.

Why should you choose a wooden sailboat model as a high-class Tet gift for 2023?

The wooden sailboat model is a genuine handicraft product of Gia Nhien company with a brand life of more than 20 years. This is a finished product of traditional handicraft production in a craft village of Ho Nai (Dong Nai – Vietnam).
Wooden sailboat is a kind of decorative model, displayed to create good feng shui and attract a lot of fortune for the owner.
The first thing to say about this Tet gift is its high quality, located in the rare, beautiful and durable natural wood material. The contours of the model are meticulously crafted by artisans with 50 years of experience to achieve an accuracy of up to 95% of the real boat. And more than this, the meanings of the wooden sailboat model will be even more suitable as a high-class Tet gift for 2023 because it has the following meanings:
1. Wooden sailboats have the meaning of luck and symbolize the “smooth sailing – smooth sailing”
Sailboats were the first means of transportation that boosted business hundreds of years ago. Therefore, it is considered a symbolic image of business people.
The display of sailing ships in the office space, the reception area will help bring luck in business. The bow of the boat facing into the room means that it will bring a lot of fortune and prosperity to the owner. Because of this belief, people believe that sailboats are items that bring “smooth sailing” to them. This meaning is the reason why you should choose the wooden boat model as a high-class Tet gift for bosses, partners and customers operating in the business field


Displaying wooden sailboats on shelves not only shows high aesthetic taste, but also benefits in terms of fortune and prosperity
2. Wooden sailboats are good feng shui items
The boat is a means of traveling on the sea surface, so it has a hydrological nature, the sail is responsible for catching the wind to bring the boat forward, so it is windy. The boat and sail resonate with each other to bring the boat to the dock, achieve its purpose and achieve success. Therefore, the sailboat model is a symbol of success and it has excellent feng shui when displayed.
Every businessman, merchant, when displaying a sailboat at work, will help the space to be open, open the air, bring good luck to his business.
So, if you give a high-class Tet gift that is a genuine model of a sailboat, this gift will definitely make the recipient happy because they will see that you are a thoughtful, observant and observant person when choosing a gift. Gifts mean good luck, instead of wishing them will receive a lot of fortune and luck in the new year.
Most businessmen and merchants believe that the sailboat will symbolize smooth sailing – good luck, bringing good luck in business.
3. Wooden sailboat represents the spirit of cooperation
In business, people who cooperate with each other are considered “sitting in the same boat”. The gift of a sailboat to the household will imply an affirmation of the spirit of cooperation, getting better and closer together.
4. Wooden sailboat can be a symbol of the leader
If you choose a feng shui wooden sailboat as a high-class Tet gift for your superiors, and you name the boat after your boss, you can consider that wooden sailboat as a symbol of the leader. The gift implies that your boss is the captain who controls the boat and that you are one of the crew that will contribute to success thanks to the talented and wise leadership of the captain.
This is a great “metaphorical” Tet gift if you know how to take advantage of it.
Logo Company
Printing your logo / business name on the sail when making a gift is a way to make a personal impression and make the gift unique.
In addition to the above interesting and creative meanings, the wooden sailboat model is also worthy of a high-class Tet gift for the new year 2023 because it completely meets the following criteria:
+ New and unique gift: wooden boat model is an item displayed by business people more and more popular in the last 3 years. This is a new, methodical and extremely well-thought out item, so it is very valuable, worthy of the level of big bosses – partners, big customers, not at all a mass gift, often appearing. on the market.
+ The gift is less duplicated: the wooden boat model can be considered a fairly new art product, and it has hundreds of models and sizes, so you can choose a wooden sailboat according to your own preferences. of the recipient, so there is no worry of being duplicated with other people’s gifts. However, you can print your logo or some personal imprint on the sail to impress and make the gift a unique version.

Where to buy genuine high-class wooden sailboat?

The only genuine high-class wooden sailing boat brand is only available at Gia Nhien company – a unit that inherits 20 years of experience in making original wooden boat models in Ho Nai and is a pioneer in quality wooden boats with durable decoration. best in Vietnam.
Gia Nhien’s model wooden boat brand has been developing for more than 20 years and has been exported to 42 countries around the world. In Vietnam, Gia Nhien has opened a showroom to display high-class wooden boats at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City for customers to visit and buy the best wooden boats.
In particular, customers can feel secure when coming to Gia Nhien brand’s high-class Tet gifts because:
+ Gia Nhien is the only unit in Vietnam that has a warranty policy for sailing models up to 6 months
+ The price of genuine products at Gia Nhien is always the listed price and the commitment to quality is worthy because this is a direct manufacturer and distributor, the original price is dedicated.
+ Each model of Gia Nhien has a genuine product certificate
At Gia Nhien showroom, there are currently more than 1,000 models of wooden boat models with many sizes and designs. In order to have more choices as well as verify the quality of the model, customers should give priority to visiting the showroom directly to visit and choose.
On the other hand, you can also visit Gia Nhien’s online store to consult the model and choose the model you like. After that, Gia Nhien’s consultants will enthusiastically advise, provide detailed pictures and actual videos of the model so that customers can rest assured 100% before placing an order.
Here are some platforms to buy wooden sailboats as high-class Tet gifts in Gia Nhien that customers can flexibly use:
If you have any questions about policies, quotes, warranties, product models, etc., please contact Gia Nhien’s customer care team at hotline 0906646651 for quick advice. right now!

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