Top 3 most prestigious sailing shops in Saigon

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Top 3 most prestigious sailing shops in Saigon

Sailboats, wooden boats, model boats are luxurious feng shui decorations loved by giants, businessmen, and business people and are often displayed in villas, townhouses, offices, and buildings. working house. In addition, this is also a classy gift for important occasions. To choose a high-quality, high-value sailboat, you must find the right reputable address, clear brand. Here, we will introduce to you 3 prestigious and oldest branded sailing shops in Saigon.

Please take the time to research, visit and compare the quality of sailing models at these 3 addresses to choose the most high-end and satisfactory models!

3 most prestigious and oldest sailing shops in Saigon

1. Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom – Prestigious sailing shop with 20 years of brand name

Topping the list of the most prestigious genuine wooden boat brands in Saigon in particular and across Vietnam in general is Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom, owned by Gia Nhien Co., Ltd.

Website Of Gia Nhien - Top 3 most prestigious sailing shops in Saigon
Website Of Gia Nhien
Gia Nhien Company is a unit specializing in the production and direct distribution of genuine handicraft models, 100% handmade by artisans. Gia Nhien was founded by a team of children from Ho Nai craft village (Dong Nai), who were trained in the original craft since the craft of making wooden boat models began to appear. Operating and having an official office since 2004, Gia Nhien now has a model factory up to 2,000m2 in Trang Bom, and opens an official office in Ho Chi Minh City.
The advantage helps the Gia Nhien wooden boat brand win the sympathy of customers
– Is a reputable brand that has continuously developed and built customer trust for the past 20 years.
– All Gia Nhien model products always have full genuine certificates.
– Being the first unit in Vietnam to apply the warranty policy of wooden boat models up to 6 months.
– As a direct manufacturer and distributor, Gia Nhien sells at the original price, committing to the quality commensurate with the price.
– Products are diverse in designs and sizes, up to 15,000 models. At Gia Nhien, customers seem to be able to find every model that recreates boats in the world.
– Thanks to the advantage of having its own factory, Gia Nhien also accepts to repair models, as well as design models according to their own designs if customers order.
– There are also models with engines running underwater like real boats, which can be fitted with lights for boats according to customer needs.
– Spacious sailing shop, designed in a luxurious European style, can both visit and take souvenir photos.
– Gia Nhien also simulates a sailing shop through 3D video images so that customers who are far away can still visit the online showroom.

Information about Gia Nhien sailing shop:

– Address: 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC
– Opening time: 8:00 – 18:00, Monday – Friday, open outside office hours when customers make an appointment in advance
Coming to Viet Fine Arts, customers can visit the showroom directly to see the model wooden boats and choose the model according to the affordable price range. The products of Vietnamese Fine Arts sailboats are often sourced from traditional craft villages in Vietnam. However, because it is not a direct production unit, its strength is to distribute many different fine art items, so it will not be too specialized in sailing.
Customers should choose the boat model they like on the website of Fine Arts Viet before visiting the showroom. The materials and designs of sailboats at Viet Fine Arts are less diverse than those of Gia Nhien showroom. There are model models of type 2, type 3, which will be cheaper than genuine models of sailboats of this type.
Website Of My Nghe Viet - Top 3 most prestigious sailing shops in Saigon
Website Of My Nghe Viet

3. Sai Gon Sailing Shop

Sai Gon Sailing Shop is the third sailing shop that we want to mention in today’s article. Here, customers can easily find models of sailboats, yachts, modern yachts, cargo ships, canoes, etc.
In general, when you come to Sai Gon Sailing Shop, you will feel the genuine beauty, quite familiar and simple. The images shown on’s website partly show the rustic beauty of this brand. However, the product image section of this store has not been invested much, so customers should go directly to the showroom to observe and evaluate the product quality carefully.
In terms of materials, the type of wood used to make models at Sai Gon Sailing Shop is used quite a lot. Although they are all natural wood, there are normal and good woods. This will affect the price of wooden boat models, some models are only a few hundred thousand, less than 1 million. This is a cheap model type 2, type 3. As for models made from Melaleuca wood, the price ranges from 3 million or more.
Website Of Thuyen Buon Sai Gon - Top 3 most prestigious sailing shops in Saigon
Website Of Thuyen Buon Sai Gon
But this brand has not mentioned the warranty policy, so customers should ask the shop owner carefully before buying the boat! Information about Sai Gon Sailing Shop:
Address: 118/38 Bach Dang, Ward 24, Binh Thanh District, HCMC


Recently, we have introduced to you the top 3 prestigious sailing shops in Ho Chi Minh City for you to easily visit, choose and shop for the best model of sailboat for yourself or as a gift for your loved one. important occasions. The trick to buying the best boat is to choose a store with a long-standing reputable brand, a clear policy. And there is nothing better than seeing and touching a model sailboat with your own hands to feel its actual quality.
In addition, if you have time, visit many shops to visit. This will help you easily compare the quality of the models to choose the best, most durable, most valuable model!
Note that model sailboats have a lot of detail and are prone to breakage when transported long distances. Therefore, you need to make sure that the seller packs the model for you properly and safely to preserve it well until the model is delivered to your door!

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