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Sailboats are decorative objects with high feng shui meaning, and at the same time it is also a trendy decoration, showing the owner’s peak aesthetic taste. Besides the models of sailboat models that Gia Nhien introduced earlier, today we will continue to bring you a model of a sailboat with lights to help brighten up the decoration space at night very attractively. Definitely don’t miss these unique models!

Model Shipping Light The Night Space
Model Shipping Light The Night Space

What is a Lighted Sailboat Model?

Models of sailboats with lights are installed models, equipped with LED lighting systems inside the boat structure. When connecting the power source to the boat, the LED system will glow as if creating a shimmering highlight for the boat, turning it into a shining decorative model full of luxury and mystery.

Types of Models of Sailing Boats with Lights at Gia Nhien

Gia Nhien is a direct manufacturer of handmade light-mounted sailboat models – the industry leader in the field of building high-class wooden boat models in Vietnam.

Through 20 years of experience, Gia Nhien’s artisans are very skilled and can make wooden boat models that are 95% similar to real boats. Besides, the installation of LED lighting system inside wooden boat models has also been implemented in recent years and fortunately many customers responded.

Specifically, at Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom, there are currently 4 main types of lighted sailboat models, which are:

1/ Model of Ancient Sailing Boat with Lights

Wooden boats with lights are nostalgic for historical trips hundreds of years ago. The system of lights through the windows on the old boat creates a classic and mysterious beauty, bringing the charming beauty of the legendary stories of a time.

Antique boat models with lights are often displayed in wine cellars, reading rooms, tea rooms, vintage-style cafes, galleries, office windows, etc.

Imagine at night, when you are tired of working, you can turn off all the lights in your room and watch the ancient boat glowing by the glass window from above the building, the shimmering light of the painting boat with the mountains. Electric lights in the distance will be as beautiful as a relaxing, liberal picture.

2/ Model of Commercial Boat with Lights

Commercial boat models with lights are mainly container models from international shipping lines such as EMMA MAERSK, CMA CGM, MAERSK LINE, Evergreen, Oocl Germany, etc. Gia Nhien has provided additional lighting services for customers. commercial boat model to meet the customer’s demand for a boat with lights to glow at night.

Accordingly, when buying a container model at Gia Nhien showroom, customers can choose to buy a model with or without lights inside the model.

When on display, commercial boat models with lights are suitable for display in the center of the hall, display shelves at the entrance, reception area, reception area, etc.

The meaning of the commercial boat model is the connection of international business, helping the owner to reach out and achieve many achievements around the world.

3/ Model of Tourist Boat with Lights

This is the model with the most expensive lights at Gia Nhien showroom. Because this is the most realistic simulation model when compared to the real boat model.

The model of a tourist boat fitted with lights recreates the frame of yachts traveling on the sea, creating endless and full of “luxury, aristocratic” and “royal and aristocratic” vacations.

The idea of ​​displaying a model of a tourist boat with lights can be applied in high-class restaurants and hotels, especially in riverside areas to increase the aesthetics and fashion of the displayed space.

4/ Modern Boat Model With Lights

Similar to the tourist boat model with lights, modern boat models are supported by Gia Nhien to add an LED light system to serve customers in need.


As a modern yacht model, their color design is very youthful. When combined with the electric lighting system, the model will be very attractive at night.

Modern yachts bring fresh energy, create positivity for the owner, suitable for display in the living room area, reception area, or choose as a gift for partners and customers , friends on special occasions, important.

Currently, Gia Nhien has been making more than 1,000 models of boat models that simulate up to 95% of real ships/boats. For more models, we invite you to visit Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, P25, Binh Thanh, HCM.

For model sailboat models that do not have built-in lights, Gia Nhien still supports customers to install lighting systems inside the model’s structure upon request. To learn more about the exclusive and genuine models of beautiful sailboat models in Gia Nhien, please contact us immediately through the hotline. Consultants will assist you with advice and answer all your questions!


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