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On special occasions, Vietnamese people often have the habit of giving gifts to express the respect that the giver has for the recipient. If you know how to choose a meaningful gift, the gift is not only “formal” but also a bond that connects and tightens the relationship. So, which gift should you choose to give to important people? Gia Nhien would like to suggest a very new and meaningful gift for you, which is the Wooden Boat Model – Classy Gift.

The origin of the wooden boat model

From thousands of years ago, sailing ships have been associated with human life as well as many major events in the world. Boats are also the first large means of waterway transport to appear, a means to help people discover new lands, a means of fishing for seafood, etc.


In particular, for fishermen who stick to the sea, sailing boats are a means of daily living. Every time it sets sail, the boat carries a lot of fishermen’s hopes for good fishing trips. Also from this, people from Europe to Asia consider that sailing ships are symbols of hope and faith.

In addition, ships are also associated with the battles, the desire to win of many people in history. And many ships have contributed to the mighty victories. Therefore, the decoration of ships has many good meanings when it represents the power to conquer the sea, and the desire to successfully dock and reap the results.

Why is the wooden boat model a meaningful gift and has its own class?

The meaning of feng shui

The wooden boat model is a symbolic gift, representing the best wishes that the giver wants to send to the recipient. The ship going to sea will be set sail to catch the wind. Therefore, for many generations, the symbol of sailing has been associated with the feng shui meaning of “smooth sailing, smooth sailing”.

When choosing a sailboat model as a gift on special occasions, it will express the desire to help the gift recipient overcome difficulties and challenges to sail smoothly and smoothly to the destination. In addition, the image of a sailboat catching the wind and surfing also means wishing the owner of the boat to “catch” many good transactions and business. The owner of the boat is the captain who coordinates the direction of the boat, bravely – bravely facing each wave to promote rapid career development.

Value of the model

The value of the wooden boat model is also one of the reasons why this is a meaningful gift. Natural precious wood is the main material to build the boat. This is a precious and durable material. Since ancient times, well-off families with good economic conditions have preferred to use wooden furniture to decorate their houses because it shows majesty, superficiality and luxury. The wooden boat model will be the highlight contributing to the high class and status of the owner. When using a wooden boat as a gift, this will be both a meaningful gift in terms of feng shui, both precious and elegant, solemn and delicate.

Uniqueness, novelty

In addition, choosing a wooden sailboat model as a gift also creates a novelty, uniqueness, avoids boredom and avoids “touching” with the majority. This gift has a decorative lifespan of several decades and still retains its original value.

Who should give wooden boat model to and on what occasions?

With the good values ​​that the sailboat brings, it is advisable to choose a wooden boat model to give to respectable people on important occasions. Specifically, you should choose this gift as a gift for your boss, opening gift, housewarming gift, age-appropriate feng shui gift, etc. This gift will help the giver convey the message of wishing a new beginning. very smooth, favorable to soon reap the results.

  1. Beautiful wooden boat model as a feng shui gift for your boss

On occasions such as your boss’s birthday, your boss’s promotion, your boss’s successful project, your boss’ housewarming gift… you can choose a sailboat model as a leader’s gift. This will be a “skillful” way to strengthen the relationship between you and your superiors.

You can quickly attach the boss’s name tag on the boat to show your attentiveness and thoughtfulness. You can also add the giver’s name on the boat’s nameplate to indirectly impress and remind your boss of you. Thus, you will be more favored, have more opportunities for advancement.

Note, when giving a sailboat to your boss, you need to pay attention to choosing boats with good meaning. The boats with achievements and won many victories in history, it will bring a lot of luck to the owner. And don’t forget to include the boat’s history when wrapping the gift so your boss can better understand the meaning of this boat!

HMS Victory

As the name suggests, Victory wooden boat model is meant to symbolize success. Giving Victory sailboat will send your boss a message of success in work and life. This gift is both luxurious, aesthetic, and very temperamental of the leader. This gift will definitely help you score absolute points in the eyes of your superiors.

Hms Victory
Hms Victory

Black Pearl

The Black Pearl sailing ship is a model modeled after the famous ship from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Black Pearl is a boat symbolizing the strength of men, meaning to help the owner have extraordinary strength to overcome all obstacles, defeat opponents, gain victory and successfully land.

Black Pearl 1
Black Pearl 1


Small model for the desk

A small tip is that you can choose small sailboat models for your boss to display on your desk. Because this is the place where your boss can see you every day and remember you.

You can refer to some formal and high-end desktop models below.

Model For The Desk
Model For The Desk
  1. Feng shui sailboat model as opening gift, housewarming

Opening, housewarming, inauguration are all occasions to start a new beginning. Choosing a wooden sailboat model on these occasions will mean wishing for everything to go smoothly and smoothly from the very beginning.

Note to give meaningful housewarming gifts, when choosing opening gifts, new house gifts, inauguration gifts, you should choose the right boats as feng shui gifts according to the age of the recipient. At the same time, in harmony with the design of the house, the office/store space opened to help the owner open up prosperity. Priority is given to choosing boats with bright colors and large sails to catch a lot of wind.

You can refer to some feng shui boat models to give meaningful housewarming gifts and impressive opening gifts.

France Ii
France Ii


  1. Formal sailboat model as a business gift

Another great use of the wooden boat model is as a business gift. Businesses often have to establish partnerships, be grateful to customers, give gifts to retain customers, encourage internal employees, etc. To perform better activities of taking care of partners, customers and employees. , businesses can choose sailboat models to make meaningful gifts and have lasting value in terms of time.

On these occasions, you can choose for your business the mid-sized aesthetic decorative wooden boat models to give as gifts to partners, customers, employees, etc., easy to be flexible in decoration and display. according to their preferences.

You can refer to some model sailboats as business gifts below.

Model Wasa
Model Wasa

The address to buy genuine sailboat models as gifts

Currently in Vietnam, the wooden boat model market is growing strongly. Gradually, many brands of wooden boat models were born. However, in order to choose a beautiful, durable and true gift, we would like to invite you to Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom.

Gia Nhien is a unit specializing in the production of handicraft wooden boat models (100% handmade) and global distribution. With a brand name of 20 years, and a pioneer in the quality of the leading wooden boat model in Vietnam, Gia Nhien wooden boat model is committed to being the most high-class genuine product at the moment.

When buying Gia Nhien wooden boat model as a gift, customers will enjoy exclusive policies such as:

  • Support printing nameplates free of charge according to customers’ specific requirements.
  • Support printing logo on sails when customers need.
  • Print the boat’s history for free to include as a gift.
  • The product has a certificate of authenticity and a 6-month warranty according to the company’s policy.
  • Customers can return products if the wooden boat model is defective due to manufacturing/packing techniques.
  • Fast delivery nationwide, worldwide, same day delivery in HCMC.
  • The wooden boat model is simulated to 90-95% of the real boat.

If you want to find out more details about wooden sailboat models as high-class gifts, customers just need to contact Gia Nhien hotline, or connect with us through zalo, facebook channels. Consultants will support you 24/7.

At the same time, Gia Nhien invites customers to visit Gia Nhien showroom directly at: 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City to see the models and verify the quality with their own eyes. paradigm.

Gia Nhien Genuine Wooden Boat Showroom is looking forward to welcoming and serving you!

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