Why should you display a feng shui boat model at home?

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Why should you display a feng shui boat model at home?

Why should you display a feng shui boat model at home?

If you are looking for a way to enhance luck, fortune and happiness in your life, the feng shui boat pattern could be a great solution for you. Here are the reasons why you should display the feng shui boat model in your home.

  1. Increase wealth

According to the concept of feng shui, the boat is considered a symbol of fortune and wealth. Displaying a model of a feng shui boat in the home will help increase wealth and fortune for the owner.

  1. Create balance and harmony

The boat is a symbol of balance and harmony, as it represents stability and safety at sea. When displaying a feng shui boat model in your home, it will help create a balanced and harmonious space in your home.


The sailboat model is a feng shui item, helping to create prosperity and attract positive energy to the house

  1. Bring good luck and success

Boats are also considered a symbol of luck and success. If you want to boost luck and success in your life, displaying a feng shui boat model in your home15.3

The image of sailing ships from the past to now always brings a sense of peace, creating a pleasant view

  1. Create an art space

A feng shui boat model can be beautifully designed and decorated, creating an artistic space in your home. It will be an interesting highlight in your living space.
For the above reasons, displaying a model of a feng shui boat in your home will bring many benefits to you. Find yourself a beautiful feng shui boat model and display it in your home to enhance luck, fortune and happiness in life


The sailboat model is like a breakthrough for the architectural space, both creating a slightly classic beauty and showing the stylish taste of the owner.

Dragon boat model – A feng shui boat model that helps the family’s fortune

If you are looking for a feng shui boat model to display in your home, the following feng shui dragon boat model is definitely a model that you should not miss.

The dragon is considered a symbol of strength and power in Asian culture. When combined with the feng shui boat model, it will bring luck and fortune to the owner.

In the culture and history of the Vietnamese nation, the image of the dragon is also associated with the prosperity of the nation. Our ancestors conceived that the dragon is a noble mascot with great power to protect and protect the Vietnamese people. Dragon is also the image representing the king, the highest position and holds the greatest power.


Traditional Vietnamese dragon boat model – the first choice of feng shui decoration items

Until today, the dragon is still considered a noble symbol of strength, prosperity, and wealth. Therefore, the dragon boat model is one of the feng shui items with great and solemn meaning. When displaying the dragon boat model in the house, the image of the boat and dragon will resonate with each other to create positive energy thanks to:
+ The boat is always looking forward, overcoming the waves and challenges to successfully dock will give strength to the strong owner to win in business, study, family happiness…
+ High-class dragon images will bring luck, prosperity and growth to your extended family.

How to display model boats to achieve feng shui?

When displaying feng shui boat models, especially dragon boat models, homeowners need to display them in solemn positions such as living rooms, worship rooms to maximize the feng shui elements of this item. Note that the feng shui boat model is very sacred and needs to be cherished, cherished and cared for carefully.
See how to display feng shui boats here: : https://thuyengovn.com/huong-dan-trung-bay-thuyen-buom-phong-thuy-hop-tuoi-va-ngu-hanh/
In addition to the dragon boat model, when choosing a feng shui boat model, you can also refer to a number of boat models with a good history of operation, having won many victories in the past or up to now. You can consider feng shui boat names such as: HMS Victory, Sovereign Of The Seas, Le Quy Don, etc.
You can refer to more models of feng shui boat models displayed in the house here: https://thuyengovn.com/cac-loai-mo-hinh-thuyen-phong-thuy-ban-nen-biet/
The feng shui boats, whether originating from Vietnam or abroad, all have a common purpose and wish everything towards the destination “smooth sailing, smooth wind”. Therefore, take advantage of the law of feng shui and display a model of a feng shui boat in your home so that your home is always filled with prosperity, luck, fortune and smoothness.
Above all, look to feng shui experts for more advice on how to decorate your home to attract the best feng shui for your home. And if you need more detailed support and advice on dragon boat models as well as other feng shui boat models, don’t hesitate to contact Gia Nhien Showroom – Expert in crafting wooden boat models. No. 1 large-scale trust in Vietnam.

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