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The remote control yacht model is one of the high-end “toys” only for those who have taste and are really passionate about the model genre. This is a luxurious decoration item inside the home and office space. On the other hand, when put into the water, the yacht model will immediately become a racing boat with the same engine as the real boat.

Right here, let’s explore 4 models of remote control yacht models that are most appreciated by model enthusiasts. At the same time, this article will help you visualize how the yacht model will run underwater. Discover now.

Remote control yacht model – The ability to surf on the water is beautiful. 

The remote control yacht model is a kind of boat model made of high quality natural wood, which simulates up to 95% of the real boat. It is made by a wooden boat model-making process similar to the actual boat-building process, which involves 14 steps and takes about 15 days to complete.

The remote control yacht model is 100% hand-made by artisans specializing in handmade models. It is completely waterproof and floats on the water even without the need to attach an RC motor (a type of engine that helps wooden boat models run underwater).

Remote Control Yacht Model Running On Water - TOP 4 BEST REMOTE CONTROL Yacht Models
Remote Control Yacht Model Running On Water

After the mechanic completes the basic yacht model, one or two RC motors will be attached to the hull to help the boat operate and move on the water like a real boat.

The special thing about remote control boat swing models is that it can create vivid water turns, with a speed of 20-30km / h and can work continuously for about 30 minutes when the battery is active. engine is fully charged. To control the yacht model operating underwater, its owner will use a set of remote control devices and press buttons to control its direction.

Thanks to the ability to move flexibly under water, people have produced many different remote-controlled yacht models, simulating the yachts with loud bathing sounds in the world. And not only stopping at collecting models to satisfy their passion, many “owners” are also creative when organizing yacht racing competitions, with the same rules as sports boat races other.

4 models of remote control yachts to create a beautiful swimming path

Models of remote control yachts will accurately simulate real yachts around the world. Currently, Gia Nhien’s wooden yacht showroom has thousands of yacht models. And here are 5 models of remote-controlled yachts that are owned by the most passionate “model players”:

1. Riva Aquarama

The Riva Aquarama yacht launched in November 1962 is a famous Italian yacht version that must be familiar to yacht enthusiasts when mentioning the name of this boat. Dubbed the eternal symbol of luxury yachts, Riva Aquarama truly embodies the spirit of luxury yachting when possessing a masterpiece-like appearance, generous and sophisticated lines, present but still hidden in the heart. A little classic in the right style of the Riva yacht brand – contributing to raising the art style of Italy.

The Real Riva Aquarama Yacht - TOP 4 BEST REMOTE CONTROL Yacht Models
The Real Riva Aquarama Yacht

This yacht possesses outstanding features of beauty, speed as well as outstanding flexibility and dexterity on the water. Many people have compared the speed and luxury of the Riva Aquarama to a “Ferrari supercar”.

When simulated in a model version with an underwater engine, the beauty and class of this yacht remains unchanged. In a smaller version, the remote-controlled yacht Riva Aquarama is ready to create graceful, graceful curves on the water, bringing joy and pride to its owner.

Yacht Riva Aquarama Miniature Version - TOP 4 BEST REMOTE CONTROL Yacht Models
Yacht Riva Aquarama Miniature Version

– Model size: Length 67 x Width 22 x Height 18 (cm)

– Link :

2. Riva Ariston

The second best-selling remote control yacht model in the luxury yacht model collection continues to be the Riva Ariston yacht of the number 1 Italian yacht brand – Riva.

Riva Ariston is a yacht built in 1950 and took 26 years to complete. Its design is slightly inclined to classic, luxurious art. This is the typical beauty of Riva yacht design style, elegant, elegant, sophisticated but surprisingly attractive for hundreds of years.

Riva Ariston - TOP 4 BEST REMOTE CONTROL Yacht Models
Riva Ariston

In the remote control model version, Riva Ariston also achieves a speed of 20-30 km / h, full of agility and flexibility. It can participate in yacht model races and become “winners” thanks to the intelligent control of the owner.

– Model size: Length 50 x Width 14 x Height 10 (cm)

– Link:

3. Sunseeker Predator 80

Third in the collection of the most popular luxury yacht models is the Sunseeker Predator 80, a yacht model of the Sunseeker brand – Britain’s most luxurious motor yacht. The Sunseeker brand first appeared in 1969 and continuously produces models of luxury yachts. Currently, this is also the largest yacht manufacturing brand based in the UK.

In the collection of boats under the Sunseeker brand, the Sunseeker Preator 80 is considered a yacht with the brand’s pure DNA. The design of this yacht is focused on the performance of the boat. The interior of the parachute is extremely high-end, ensuring efficiency when accelerating or stopping. The inside of the boat is equipped with an air conditioner to easily harmonize with the heat in harsh areas, convenient for a vacation.

Sunseeker Predator 80 - TOP 4 BEST REMOTE CONTROL Yacht Models
Sunseeker Predator 80

The Sunseeker Predator Yacht Model Edition is a perfect simulation of Sunseeker’s luxury luxury yacht. Its true level will be shown when appearing in the state of moving on water. The RC engine allows this yacht to curve beautifully. And the remote-controlled yacht model is also one of the formidable opponents when racing the model with other “players”.

– Model size: Length 100 x width 22 x height 39 (cm)

– Link:

4. Grand Banks 32

The Grand 32 Sedan is a true yachting classic. It is considered a yacht worth owning thanks to its versatility and has become one of the most famous yacht models in the world.

Grand Banks 32 is suitable for the vacation of couples traveling on the sea. When designed as a model version, it also achieves nimble speeds and can create stunning underwater swimming stunts.

Grand Banks 32 - TOP 4 BEST REMOTE CONTROL Yacht Models
Grand Banks 32

– Model size: length 98 x width 27 x height 60 (cm)

– Link :

Engine mounted remote control yacht model

Current remote control yachts are usually fitted with 1-2 RC engines. This is a removable motor that can be flexibly attached to model models to help the yacht balance itself on the water and can operate with the same mechanism as actual yachts.

This type of motor will be battery operated and has a removable charger. When fully charged, the engine will help the yacht operate continuously under water for 30-45 minutes, and up to 30 minutes if traveling at full speed.

Comes with the boat motor kit is a remote control device that helps the owner control the model to operate, accelerate, decelerate, turn on the water professionally.

Genuine Gia Nhien yacht models are now pre-designed to have space to mount engines running on the water. If you have a need for a pre-installed motor, a pre-engined model can be ordered. Or if you want to install the motor yourself, you can buy the RC motor kit separately to do it yourself. Gia Nhien craft model maker will have a video to guide you to install it yourself.

The Set Of Engines That Help The Yacht Operate On The Water - TOP 4 BEST REMOTE CONTROL Yacht Models
The Set Of Engines That Help The Yacht Operate On The Water

In addition, Gia Nhien yacht model shop also has a lot of other models of yachts without engines. If you only need to buy a yacht for collection and display, just buy a model of a yacht without a motor to save money.

Where to buy genuine remote control yacht model? In Vietnam, one of the direct manufacturers and distributors of genuine remote control yacht models, ensuring the leading professionalism is Gia Nhien company – a 20-year-old brand of wooden boat models.

Gia Nhien’s wooden model yacht products all have genuine product certificates. Especially, at Gia Nhien yacht shop, you can find almost every model of yacht as well as other types of wooden boat models.

You can visit Gia Nhien’s yacht model shop at address 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh, HCMC. And to buy the model, you can buy it directly at the store or buy it online through the website, zalo or fanapge.

Gia Nhien will pack the model according to export standards, ensuring the integrity of the model when it is delivered to the customer. Customers can check the product when receiving the goods and Gia Nhien always supports customers to return the model if the product has a manufacturing defect or is damaged during transportation.

The yacht model products fitted with RC engines will have a genuine 6-month warranty according to Gia Nhien’s policy, bringing peace of mind to customers.

Gia Nhien delivery time nationwide is from 3-5 days and can deliver within the day for customers in HCMC area. If you have any questions, please contact the hotline for the fastest response and support from a team of consultants!


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