The most beautiful mini wooden boat models showroom Gia Nhien

Preussen 1

The most beautiful mini wooden boat models showroom Gia Nhien

Mini wooden boats are luxurious decorative items for small spaces, while ensuring the meaning of the water burning to help the space to open prosperity, attract fortune. It also shows sophistication, neatness, and showing the trendy not inferior to the big boats.

The following Gia Nhien would like to introduce to you 8 samples of excellent mini wooden boats being displayed at Gia Nhien showroom. Examination now!

1. Model MINI PREUSSEN wooden boat

Preussen is a wooden boat model with a length of 21 cm. The main color of this boat consists of 3 main colors: red, black, white.

The highlight of this mini model lies in the milky white sails are mature, beautiful and tidy.

The columns are made of sturdy material to keep the sail straight, the wires are cleverly connected, not causing trouble when displaying and moving.


The body of the boat is painted with a glossy oil paint that increases the elegance of the boat. This paint also helps the model to limit dust, easy to clean when needed.

In particular, despite being a mini wooden boat model, this Preussen has hundreds of details and similar to 95% of real boats. Each detail is extremely sharp, assembled extremely sharp manually, worthy of being a high -end model.

2. HMS Victory Mini

HMS Victory must be a famous wooden boat in the world of “playing” a wooden boat model. This boat has a 20cm, 40cm, 80cm version. And in this article, Gia Nhien will introduce to you the 20cm HMS Victory.

This Victory HMS has the thought of a symbol of “success”, just as its name Victory.

The highlight of this wooden boat is located in the body of the boat. The details are cast in copper and then attached to the wooden boat body. People use yellow paint to paint on the surface of the boat. Besides, above the sails of the boat are decorated with different designs, such as adding color to make the boat more vivid, more eye -catching.

Hms Victorty
Hms Victorty

If you need to choose a gift to give to your superiors, partners and customers, the HMS Victory mini wooden boat is a right choice because it is suitable both in terms of meaning, and elegance.

3. Mini wood boat Hanse Kogge

The 20cm Hanse Kogge is the third mini boat that Gia Nhien wants to introduce to you.

The design of this Hase Kogge is quite simple and feels like something is very close to the image of a Vietnamese sailing boat.

The main color of this boat is wood color, with more red and white as a highlight. The sail is designed simply, small, milky white.

It can be assessed that this is a small model with high aesthetics, suitable for display not only the house uses a lot of wooden furniture, or interior decoration in a close, pure Vietnamese style.

Hanse Kogge Mini Wooden Boat Model Has High Aesthetic Value
Hanse Kogge Mini Wooden Boat Model Has High Aesthetic Value

4. Alexander Von Humboldt

Alexander Von Humboldt mini wooden boat is also a model with a length of 20cm.

It can be said that in this collection of mini boats, this Alexander Von Humboldt is an outstanding model thanks to its dominant green color.

The hull of the boat is painted white for embellishment. The balustrade and the round hole in the hull are designed in detail, precisely, and look very harmonious. Although this boat is quite small, the details are still clearly reproduced. This is also the factor that makes the mini boats in Gia Nhien very valuable and highly appreciated by model enthusiasts.

Alexander Von Humboldt
Alexander Von Humboldt

In the sail part, this model has a rather stiff sail, which is tensioned by extremely meticulous and methodical interlocking ropes.

With this design, Alexander Von Humboldt is very suitable for display at desks, bookshelves, tea tables of young people who like freshness and dynamism.


BBC is a famous commercial boat model. Thanks to the dominant red color covering the whole boat, it is also known as a symbol of luck and fortune.

As a commercial boat carrying goods, the deck is designed to be quite wide. The above packages are neatly arranged.

The highlight of this boat model is probably the operation control room. Here, the stairs, railings, and spine are very delicately mounted by artisans. If only looking at the photo, the details of the BBC model are very clear, it is difficult to know that this is only a 20cm model that has such sharp and beautiful details.

Bbc Commercial Ship
Bbc Commercial Ship

In addition to the 20cm mini wooden boat model, the BBC BREAK BULK also has a large version with a length of 1m.

This boat is suitable for display or as a gift for people who do business, trade, exchange, trade…

6. Mini wooden boat CAP SAN DIEGO

CAP SAN DIEGO is a parallel ship with the BBC because at Gia Nhien showroom, customers often buy both ships to display side by side.

Originally, CAP SAN DIEGO was a general cargo ship. The appearance of this ship is very elegant with the main pure white color.

The column part of this ship model is designed quite complicatedly, mainly straight columns are arranged straight or tilted to form a solid pillar system.

The operator and hull are partly painted red to make the ship more eye-catching.

In general, this is a mini ship suitable for business people who like a strong, minimalist model.

General Cargo Ship Model Cap San Diego
General Cargo Ship Model Cap San Diego

7. Pirate ship

The pirate ship is the largest crossbow-sized ship in this collection when it is only 12cm long.

The design of this ship has the main black color from the hull to the sail.

The most notable highlight is the “two skulls” symbol of the pirates.

This is an interesting decorative boat that can be displayed in many different types of spaces because its color is very easy to coordinate with the interior.

Pirate Ship Model 12cm
Pirate Ship Model 12cm


The mini sailboat WAPPEN VON HAMBURG III is considered to have a very luxurious design thanks to the front and rear parts of the hull painted with copper plating. The frontal body has an impressive golden circle, combined with a realistic sculpted window system.

The main color of this boat is wood, which looks quite classic. The sail is traditionally white, fixed by a system of strong pillars and ropes.

Overall, this mini boat is worthy of being awarded 1 point 10 in both quality and appearance.

Wappen Von Hamburg Iii
Wappen Von Hamburg Iii

Suggest the best places to display mini wooden boats

Mini wooden boats are decorative models of small size, so you can choose places with small space to display such as: tea cabinet shelves, wine cabinets, tea tables, bookshelves, reception desks, work desks job,…

In addition, if you have a comfortable space, you can choose to display many mini boat models at the same time as a collection. This will make you more stylish.

Buy a mini wooden boat at Gia Nhien

Currently, mini boat models are available at Gia Nhien wooden boat showroom.

Customers can go directly to the showroom at 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Than, Ho Chi Minh City to visit and choose the model they like.

Or buy mini wooden boat models at Gia Nhien’s e-commerce site.

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