Wooden Model Ship
The inauguration ceremony of the project is a very important occasion, organized carefully and solemnly with the hope that all business will be smooth, convenient and lucky. Therefore, on the occasion of this great ceremony, customers should often give the owner of the ceremony a meaningful inauguration gift, such as a way to congratulate, share the joy, and wish for the upcoming work. The coming will be smooth sailing.
Things To Pay Attention To To Avoid Making Mistakes When Choosing Inauguration Gifts
To choose the most suitable inauguration gift for the ceremony, the giver must really understand the meaning of the gift. The inauguration ceremony is really important, giving gifts shows the friendship between you and your partners and customers. The right gift given at the right time will be a valuable factor creating positive benefits for both parties. Therefore, gift giving must be carefully considered, not given as a gift.
Each gift will often be associated with different meanings, messages and wishes that the giver sends to the recipient. So you can choose gifts based on the message you want to send to the recipient. Also keep these tips in mind.
Consider the Purpose of Use
When searching for inauguration gifts, you will find a wide variety of items for decoration or enjoyment purposes. And the way to choose the right gift without making mistakes is to put yourself in the position of the recipient of the gift. Everyone will have their own preferences, so when giving gifts, based on the recipient’s preferences, you will choose the most suitable gift, and this is also a way to express sincerity and sincerity to the recipient. .
Thus, before choosing an inauguration gift, you should actively learn about the preferences and personality of the gift recipient by exploiting information in people who have a close relationship with them.
Choosing the Meaning of the Gift
Each gift will have a “mission” on behalf of the giver to send a message to the recipient. So, when choosing gifts for the occasion of the inauguration, you do not need to choose gifts of great value or size, but this gift must have meaning and wishes inside. In it, you can prioritize choosing gifts with feng shui meaning. Because this is a time-valued display gift, and at the same time, it also expresses the wishes and wishes for luck that you want to send to the recipient. You can also attach a handwritten greeting card to increase appreciation, on the other hand, so that the recipient can review it later, avoiding gift confusion during the time when the ceremony is quite crowded. , many people.
Precise in Form and Quality of Inaugural Gifts
The gift sent on the occasion of the inauguration is an indirect way to help the giver make an impression, this is a “catalyst” to promote positive, increase intimacy and closeness between you and the recipient. Therefore, the gift given must be really quality, thoughtfully presented and meticulous in form.
Never choose gifts that are short-lived or in a chipped condition, choose gifts that are long-lasting, and choose how to wrap them beautifully. If these rules are not followed, the inappropriate gift will sometimes become an “agent” that worsens the relationship between the two parties.
Feng Shui Elements In Choosing Inauguration Gifts
In doing business, the feng shui factor is also put on top. Because the ancients have a saying “there is worship, there is good, there is abstinence”. Therefore, when choosing a gift for the inauguration, the gift needs to be according to feng shui and suitable for the recipient. That is good for smooth business, fortune, wealth, and reaping many sweet fruits.
If you are a customer invited to the inauguration of a company/group’s project, choose a feng shui gift that matches the destiny of the leader of that company/group. Choose gifts with bright colors to represent light and joy.
Suggestions for the Most Meaningful, Bright, and Valuable Inauguration Gifts
Through synthesizing opinions and based on more than 20 years of experience, Gia Nhien would like to suggest you some very suitable inauguration gifts, which are:
  1. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers must be a familiar and indispensable inaugural gift on this great occasion. You can choose from a variety of flowers to combine into a romantic gift.
When choosing flowers, choose meaningful flowers that represent auspiciousness, luck, and prosperity such as sunflowers, roses, auspicious flowers, angelica flowers, and roses. Flowers have bright colors to bring a feeling of vitality and energy.
Inauguration ceremony should choose a large size, it will show the solemnity and grandeur of the ceremony.


  1. Wall Art Patterns

Giving wall paintings on the occasion of the inauguration has both a decorative effect and a gift of feng shui value.
Currently, there are many pictures drawn with details showing the attraction of fortune and prosperity. For example, the great Pisces painting, successful unique code, etc. The painting materials are quite rich such as color paintings, canvas paintings, embroidery paintings, rice paintings, stone paintings, etc. If you have financial conditions, you can You can choose all kinds of reliefs, gilded paintings, etc. The more valuable the painting, the rarer it is, the more precious a gift it is, very suitable as a gift for the important people that you cherish .

Rices Drawing

  1. Types of Sailing Models

    Wooden Model Ship

A gift of great feng shui value that is suitable for giving on the occasion of the inauguration is a sailboat model.
Sailboat is a symbol of business “smooth sailing, smooth wind”. The boat works by the action of water and wind, but in feng shui, water and wind are the two factors that attract fortune. When displaying the boat in the workspace in the direction of turning inward, the boat will have the function of bringing fortune to the owner.
Models of sailing boats today have many sizes, designs, … And are also made from many different materials. You can choose a model sailing boat on the table, on the shelf, in the hall, etc., but when inaugurating the project, please prioritize choosing models from 1m or more so that the recipient can requisition the model to decorate the reception hall. And this is also an indirect way for you to leave a strong impression in the eyes of people.
Regarding the small sailboat model for the desk, you can choose the wooden boat model or the gilded boat model. These two materials are equally valuable and show equal sophistication.
In terms of color and style, choose a boat with wide sails, bright colors, and a glorious history, winning many historical victories.
Currently, Gia Nhien sailing model showroom in Ho Chi Minh City is providing more than 1000 models of high-class luxury sailboat models – specializing in providing inaugural gift products with sailboat models. In particular, boat buyers can request to have their logo or company name printed on the sail to create a personal, ultra-modern and creative impression.
You can refer to the model of a sailboat directly at showroom 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City if you have travel conditions.
Here are some gift ideas for you. To become a person with your own charm, make an impression in the eyes of important people, you should be very careful and careful in choosing opening gifts and other special occasions! Gifts show sincerity and respect. So, if you put in the effort and focus on choosing a gift, the person receiving the gift will feel your heart, thereby creating an increasingly stable and close relationship!

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