10 of the most formal classic European boat models

Christian Radich 3

10 of the most formal classic European boat models

Europe is considered the origin of the most beautiful classic sailing ships in history. Those sailboats still leave a glorious echo to this day when they are reproduced in the form of decorative boat models. The following are the 5 most formal classic European boat models, suitable for decorating luxurious and classy spaces and bringing good luck and smoothness to anyone who owns it. Discover now!

1. Christian Radich – Very beautiful European boat model

Christian Radich is the first European model boat in the top 10 most luxurious classic boat models. This is a ship owned by Norway – a country located in the Nordic region of Europe. It was built for the training of sailors for the Norwegian merchant customs.

The ship’s name is named after the owner and this ship was completed and handed over on June 17, 1937. The sailing ship Christian Radich has a classic and elegant beauty with a 62.5 m long hull with 3 masts. The total length including the bow is 73 m and 9.7 m wide. It has a capacity of 88 passengers and an operating speed of 14 knots at full sail.

Christian Radich’s huge popularity began when she was cast in the 1958 big-screen film Cinemiracle Windjammer. In addition, she also starred in the BBC television series The Onedin Line as a owned ship. by James Onedin in the 1970s.

Christian Radich - 10 of the most formal classic European boat models
Christian Radich

Since 1999, Christian Radich has been hired to serve the activities of bringing practitioners to foreign countries. Also this ship has participated in ship races and major sailing events in Europe. Christian Radich has won many 2007 in A-classes and tall ships overall, notably being the only A-class ship to reach the finish line. Continuing into 2010, the ship went on to win the Tall Ships Race in Class A.

It can be said that the Christian Radich is a ship famous both for its outstanding beauty and for the great achievements it has won. Up to now, the beauty of the ship has never faded as many European art shipwrecks have collected it in the form of wooden boat models for decoration and art display, especially in architectural spaces. European-style design such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, pubs, etc.


– Size:

Length 64 x Width 13 x Height 50(cm)

Length 80 x Width 17 x Height 68(cm)

– Link : https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/mo-hinh-thuyen-go-christian-radich/

2. Sovereign Of The Seas – European boat model “power”

The Sovereign of the Seas was a battleship of the British Royal Navy built in the 17th century. The ship was equipped as a first-class ship with 102 bronze guns. In addition to the name Sovereign of the Seas, the ship was later renamed HMS Sovereign and later HMS Royal Sovereign.

It is estimated that the Sovereign of the Seas is a powerful ship when it was dubbed the “Golden Devil” when the design of the stern was elaborately gilded, which cost a lot of money at that time.

Sovereign Of The Seas - 10 of the most formal classic European boat models
Sovereign Of The Seas

During the war as a warship of the British royal family, Sovereign of the Seas participated and contributed in many battles. She also won numerous victories and brought royal splendor to the British royal family during the period from 1637 to 1697. Later, she operated as a restaurant ship on the water but unfortunately burned down due to fire. there was a fire incident caused by the crew on the ship.

In order to affirm the splendor and pride of the company for the Sovereign of the Seas ship, it has been modeled into a wooden sailboat model to serve the feng shui decoration needs of families. It is said that the Sovereign of the Seas represents power and power, and displaying this sailboat will bring good luck to its owner.


– Size:

Length 45/50 x Width 8/17 x Height 47 (cm)

Length 66 x Width 15 x Height 66 (cm)

Length 80 x Width 19 x Height 78 (cm)

– Link: https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/sovereign-of-the-seas/

3. France II – European commercial sailing vessel

The oldest sailing ship with the most elegant appearance in Europe is the France II boat under the management of France, built and officially launched in 1912 for the purpose of serving commercial activities, specializing in commercial activities. carry goods.
France II is the world’s second largest commercial ship built with the largest cargo capacity in the world. The ship’s tonnage reached 5,633 tons.
The design of the sailing ship France II is quite square like a steel barque with 5 masts. The length of the ship is 146.5 m with a displacement of 10,710 tons. Its sail section has a huge area of ​​up to 6,350 m2.
France II - 10 of the most formal classic European boat models
France II

The elegant beauty of the ship lies in the equipment. The deck and decorations on the ship are all made of wood. The main living room is beautifully designed when decorated with a piano and many expensive furniture. The ship space is arranged with 7 more luxurious cabins for passengers, in addition to a library, dining room and extremely comfortable sea water therapy equipment.

Thanks to its elegant beauty, France II has become a classic European boat model that many businessmen love to decorate. When displaying France II, it helps to create a classy and luxurious space. In addition, this boat also has a high feng shui value, helping to run business smoothly.


– Dimensions: Length 46/58 x Width 10 x Height 37 (cm)

– Link : https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/mo-hinh-thuyen-go-france-ii/

4. HMS Victory – European boat model means success

HMS Victory was a 104-gun warship of the British Royal Navy and was officially launched in 1765. This classic sailing ship was famous for taking on the role of flag. ships in the great battle at Trafalgar against the French army.

The warship HMS Victory also won many victories as flagship at Ushant, flagship at Cape Spartal and at Cape ST Vincent. From 1824 on, Victory was requisitioned as a port ship. In 1922 she was moved to the docks at Portsmouth, England and kept as a museum ship.

HMS Victory continued to serve as Second Sea Lord’s flagship and became the oldest naval ship still in service to this day. This has a lot to do with why the HMS Victory is so popular as a trim version around the world.

Hms Victory - 10 of the most formal classic European boat models
Hms Victory

The name HMS Victory of the boat means success (Victory translates into Vietnamese as success). It has proven its power through many victories over the centuries and still holds the form to this day. This is the reason why people believe that this boat has great power and good feng shui. Therefore, the display of the European boat model Victory has become a trend, they believe that this is a symbol of success and luck. When placing a Victory sailboat model at work or in home space, the boat will bring them much luck and fortune.


– Dimensions: Length 40 x Width 18 x Height 45 (cm)

– Link: https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/mo-hinh-thuyen-go-hms-victory-40cm/

5. Cutty Sark – Minimalist Classic Sailboat

The Cutty Sark sailboat is one of those boats with an idyllic, minimalistic classic beauty, but very suitable for the hobby of model enthusiasts.
The Cutty Sark is a British-managed ship built in Scotland in 1869. Its name is quite special as it is named after a fictional witch, Cutty Sark. It engaged in and commercial activities such as the tea trade, the wool trade.
In 1922, the ship was sold to a retired captain. After this man died, the ship was transferred to Thames maritime training school. In 1938, she was used as an auxiliary cadet training ship. And then, it was brought to London for display as a museum.
During her service life, the sailing ship Cutty Sark has been listed as part of the national historic fleet (equivalent to a Grade 1 building in the UK). The Cutty Sark is one of only three original wooden-framed clipper ships that have survived since the 19th century.
Although operating for a short time and not being too prominent, the reputation of the ship HMS Bounty has not faded thanks to it being an antique boat with a very aesthetic appearance. The colors of the boat are harmoniously combined and bright. The details of the boat’s lines are very delicate, carefully cared for. Therefore, it fully satisfies the purpose of impressive decoration when reproduced in a miniature version.
– Dimensions: Length 64 x Width 14 x Height 63 (cm)
Santa Ana - 10 of the most formal classic European boat models
Santa Ana

Despite its short operating time, the classic battleship Santa Ana is still famous in Europe and is still one of the classic sailing models with a convincing appearance.


– Dimensions: Length 80 x Width 19 x Height 78 (cm)

– Link : https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/santa-ana/

10. Santa Maria – Spanish Sailboat

La Santa María is also known by other names such as The Saint Mary, La Gallega. This is the largest of the three Spanish ships that were included in the voyage of Christopher Columbus across the Atlantic in 1492.

The Santa Maria was requisitioned and operated on the orders of Queen Isabella as well as under the effect of her contract with Christopher Commumbus as the flagship of Columbus.

Santa Maria was unfortunately stranded on Christmas 1492 by an inexperienced navigator. But the ship was partly requisitioned to serve as the nativity fortress Navidad, located in the village of Taino. This became the first Spanish settlement in the New World.

Santa Maria - 10 of the most formal classic European boat models
Santa Maria

Santa Maria is a historical mark that has brought Spain to open new pages of history with great discoveries, bringing people far beyond knowledge. Therefore, the Santa Maria sailboat model is one of the symbols for companionship, discovering new things when its owner is a oriented person and likes to explore life.


– Dimensions: Length 60 x Width 16 x Height 65 (cm)

– Link : https://thuyengovn.com/san-pham/santa-maria/

Thus, Gia Nhien has just introduced to you 10 of the most formal classic European boat models. The brief history and short introduction to each of the above sailboats will make it easier for you to choose the European model that meets your taste. To view detailed pictures of any of the above model sailboats or to order a wooden model, please contact Gia Nhien for immediate assistance!


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