Made in Viet Nam

CODE SIZE Packing Volume
YT0001W-60 60L x 11W x 78H (cm) 23.62L x 4.33W x 30.7H (inch) 0.03 m³
YT0001W-80 80L x15W x 100H (cm) 31.49L x 5.90W x 39.37H (inch) 0.06 m³
YT0001W-100 100L x 18W x 112H (cm) 39.37L x 7.08W x 44H (inch) 0.07 m³
YT0001W-150 150L x 24W x 182H (cm) 59.05L x 9.44W x 71.65H (inch) 0.29 m³

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Packing: Product box

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